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New parents know that having two kids in two years means that every day is an adventure, but it seems Shaun Johnson East and her husband, Andrew East, are taking it all in leaps and bounds. The couple celebrates Baby Jet’s first birthday, sharing the cutest holiday photo for the whole family dressed in pajamas for a pre-holiday feast.

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Standing in front of their front door, which has been expertly decorated for the season, the former Olympic gymnast captioned the photo, “Christmas for the Eastern family…it’s WRAP 🎁 (also… Jetter and Drew are roughly the same size).”

Of course, the caption reveals two adorable tales about her little one, including his precious nickname (“Jetter”), and the fact that he’s growing so fast, he’s about the size of their daughter Drew Hazel, who celebrated her second birthday in October.

Since a lot of parents of young children can probably relate to her these days, Drew seems to be everything. frozen These days – in fact, in the photo, she’s wearing her Elsa braid in honor of the beloved Disney character. Besides dressing up as Elsa for Halloween in October, her dad took his daughter to meet the real Anna and Elsa in person recently, sharing her most hilarious videos of her enthusiastically racing the pair to match her frozen dress.

She seems to be such a huge fan of the lukewarm duo that she completely ignored Aurora from sleeping Beauty Nearby… Now that’s dedication.

We hope the family of four has a wonderful Christmas and Santa brings everything for their little ones everything they had hoped for.

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