‘SNL’ cold open shows Fauci dispelling coronavirus myths — with help from Cuomos, Ted Cruz

Dr. Anthony Fauci, who was re-enacted by “Saturday Night Live” cast member Kate McKinnon, after her return to the show this weekend, has attempted to dispel many myths about the coronavirus — with the help of what he called “the CDC players.” — but the largely unprofessional world/actors added to the confusion.

“I had returned!” Fauci was greeted by McKinnon at the top of the cold show. “Do people still think I’m sexy or are we done with it? When people see me on TV they think, ‘Oh, that can’t be good.'” ”

The fake Fauci said vaccinated people who received the booster drug could “spoil” the new omicron variant because the series of shots has been shown in recent data to be effective.

But, he said, Americans still have questions like, “Is travel safe?” “Can I still use this as an excuse to get rid of things? I’d like to never work again.”

“Do people still think I’m sexy or are we done with it? When people see me on TV they think, ‘Oh, that can’t be good.'” ”

– Dr. Anthony Fauci (SNL’s Kate McKinnon)

“Saturday Night Live” cast member Kate McKinnon reprized her role as Dr. Anthony Fauci on This Weekend’s Show.
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Then scientists from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (played by “SNL” cast members) came out to perform several “holiday scenes.”

Pete Davidson as former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Pete Davidson as former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.
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“Please keep in mind, they’re not professional actors, they’re just geeks who do their best,” Fauci said.

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The first “scene” showed a man (Mickey Day) asking a restaurant hostess (Heidi Gardner) about Christmas dinner at the establishment, but said he had lost his vaccination card that was needed to get in.

“Do you mean you lost the little one inch piece of cardboard they gave you?” asked the hostess. “So you’re kicked out of society. Enjoy living in the woods.”

McKinnon’s Fauci protested the veracity of Gardner’s claim.

“You can get a replacement card…I think,” he hesitated.

Later, Fauci asked people to remember that the pandemic had affected many people economically.

Keep this in mind as you watch the following scene: ‘Two brothers are out of work on Christmas Day’.

Former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (Bet Davidson) and fired CNN host Chris Cuomo (Andrew Desmocks) separately presented themselves as “stock,” and, putting their arms around each other, claimed, “We’ve lost our jobs because of COVID.”

“We both lost our jobs because of COVID.”

The Cuomo Brothers (Bet Davidson & Andrew Desmocks)

“That’s not why you lost your jobs,” Fauci corrected, wagging his finger.

Also featured were Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Green (Cicely Strong) and Lauren Poibert (Chloe Feynman), each with assault rifles.

“First, they said the shutdowns were until they found a vaccine,” Strongs Green said, skeptical of what she called the “pseudo-disease.” “Then they found a vaccine and said it worked, then they said everyone should get it, and then people got it and it saved their lives. If that’s not communism, I might not know what communism is.”

Feynman’s Poubert added, “And remember: guns don’t kill people. People, people, people.”

Finally, US Senator Ted Cruz of Texas (Eddie Bryant) came out and told Fauci that he was dealing with the pandemic “bad textbook” as demonstrated by being the only person who didn’t wear a mask at the late US Senator Bob’s funeral last week.

Bryant’s Cruz added that he went back to Dole for saying no one likes him when he ran for president in 2016.

“It worked this week – not contagious – but just imagine looking at your funeral and the only face you can see is mine,” Cruz said beaming.

Fauci in closing said he understood that the country was divided but felt there were things that all Americans could agree on, such as wanting to spend time with their families.


“Or bring it back alone to Cancun,” Cruz suggested.

“Family is all we have,” Andrew Cuomo said solemnly as he and his brother appeared behind Fauci.

“Yes, as of two weeks ago,” Chris Cuomo agreed.

Singer Billie Eilish hosted the show and performed as a musical guest.

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