Snoop Dogg Said ‘Ben Affleck’ Wrong Announcing Golden Globes Nominees

Earlier this morning, the nominees for the 79th Annual Golden Globe Awards were announced in Los Angeles, and to much astonishment, Hollywood Foreign Press President Helen Hoehner gave way to one of the illustrious Southern Californians to read the first half of the nominations, saying, ” And now to help me announce the 79th Annual Golden Globes nominees, please welcome a special guest… Snoop Dogg.”

The skinny six-foot-four-inch rapper stepped out with a red beanie on his head, an asymmetrical paisley-button shirt, a medium-sized gold medal, and, of course, Locs sunglasses. First, big screams for Snoop Dogg for getting up in time to show up in front of the screen by 6 a.m. He’s a father of four out there, folks.

But for all the punches that Snoop Dogg has taken for mispronouncing two names (“Ben O’Flick…Ben Affleck. My mistake…sorry about that, Ben.”), he actually nails absolutely all or most of some pretty tricky names. pronunciation Dune Director Denis Villeneuve’s name with a very strong French pronunciation of the difficult “e” at the end. Then he showed his diversity in the language of love by pronunciation French Dispatch The name of the composer Alexandre Desblatt with the soft “t”

Of course there were moments of fun, like the way he said it pointing to Actress’s last name is Michaela J. Tag, put… Boom! As if the punctuation marks for a lyrical song.

So don’t listen to anyone claiming that Snoop Dogg was “slaying so many nominees that it was hard to tell who actually got nominated”. Because he was exactly himself and did a good job at the mundane task that was before him.

Watch Snoop Dogg announce the 79th Annual Golden Globes nominees above.


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