‘So hurtful and also wrong’

Actress Sarah Paulson has spoken out about the criticism she has received for her portrayal of Linda Tripp in Impeachment. (Photo: John Lamparsky/Getty Images)

Sarah Paulson reflects on the backlash in relation to her latest TV role.

In a new interview with The Wrap, Impeachment: American Crime Story The 46-year-old star admitted that people were upset with her casting for the role of Linda Tripp as the White House whistleblower on the FX series, a role for which she gained 30 pounds and wore a suit to make her appear heavier. Paulson defended taking on the role, calling the criticism, which centered around the fact that Paulson is a skinny woman, “gender specific.”

“It hurt my feelings, in part because I felt it, as it often happens when you are criticized for your work, or when there is also a celebration… It’s very hard not to personalize. It’s very hard not to say, ‘Don’t you know I just had two years? From my life and then gained 30 pounds to play that role?” And I love, sleep, breathe, cry, Linda Tripp bled for two years?” Paulson explained during the site’s 2021 Power Women Summit, which also featured Cynthia Erivo. “So sitting at your computer and deciding that this quest probably wasn’t working, and maybe I wasn’t supposed to be the one playing it, that’s very painful and wrong, too.”

Dubbing it “the acting challenge of my life,” Paulson said, the response “was spread all over the map, and I welcome it, frankly, because it means I’ve done my job…he-she.”

While Paulson has been quick to defend herself, she has also expressed “regret” in the past for wearing a fat suit on the show.

“It’s very hard for me to talk about this without feeling like I’m making excuses,” Paulson said. Los Angeles Times Back in August. “There’s a lot of controversy about actors and fat suits, and I think the debate is legit. I think obesity-phobia is real. I think pretending otherwise does more damage. And it’s a very important conversation to have.”

While Paulson felt some “regret not having thought about it fully,” she wasn’t willing to turn down such an impressive role. “Should I say no [to the part]? this is the question.”

However, she said, the matter is “an important thing for me to think about and reflect on. I also know it’s a privileged place to sit and think and think, having already done it, and to have a chance that no one else had. You can just see what you’re learning.” When you learn it,” Paulson said. “Should I know?

In recent years, there has been increasing criticism of skinny actors who wear fat suits to appear heavier on screen. In response, some stars said they regretted wearing one. In a recent Netflix video, Gwyneth Paltrow – who was famous for wearing a fat suit in the controversial romantic comedy shallow hull – He described the film as a “disaster”. When her boyfriend and assistant Kevin Keating joked that rom-com was a bad idea, Paltrow replied, “Exactly.”

However, not all stars are quick to denounce the use of fat suits. Debbie Ryan defended using one at Netflix insatiablein which she plays a girl who lost 70 pounds.

We knew this conversation had to take place. We knew that this societal fracture needed to be addressed, but we didn’t know the extent of the damage that needed to be addressed,” Figs are popular.

However, she made it clear that she understands the criticism, too. “My friend, a few days before the trailer arrived, referring to something else, said, ‘The size of the reaction is the size of the wound,’ and he stayed with me.”

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