Spider-Man Star Equates His Peter Parker to Marty McFly

Tom Holland discusses how his Spider-Man films are inspired by the 1980s teen comedy and how his Peter Parker movie is based on Marty McFly.

Spider Man: No road residence Tom Holland wants Peter Parker to be a modernized version of Marty McFly behind NS The future.

While appearing as a guest on First We Feast’s hot Of which Interview series, host Sean Evans brought up how director John Watts set a watchlist for high school films in the 1980s, particularly the work of John Hughes. Evans asked Holland what common traits are associated with Spider Man A trilogy of films from four decades ago. “John was definitely inspired by those movies,” Holland said. “There are aspects to the way the characters dress or the way they look is definitely inspired by those movies. And I think that’s what sets our franchise apart from the rest of the superhero genre: They really have the lucky teen/pubescent high school movie vibes, which they haven’t I’ve seen it before in a superhero movie.”

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Holland continued to highlight influence from outside Hughes’ filmography, particularly from Robert Zemeckis’ Back to the future from 1985. “My biggest inspiration, and my biggest goal in playing Spider-Man, was that I really wanted to be the Marty McFly of this generation,” he said. “It’s up to everyone’s opinion, but for me, I’m really proud of what we’ve done, especially my relationship with you and me. [Robert Downey Jr.]. For me, there are a lot of similarities between Marty and [Dr. Emmett Brown], and I know they deeply faked us and made it happen, which was actually a great honor for me. I loved seeing it.”

Holland added another influence from the work of John Hughes. “ferris boiler day Turn off He was the most inspiring person to him Spider Man, “He said.” This kid who kind of breaks the rules, but he kind of does it for the right reasons. This comparison is illustrated in a scene from Spider Man: HomecomingSpidey rushes through a series of suburban backyards to try and reach an emergency situation. The sequence is a parody of the climax ferris boiler, illustrated when Spider-Man passes a TV playing the same scene.

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Recently, it was announced that though No road residence Set to close the Dutch Spider-Man trilogy, it won’t be his last outing as a Web-Slinger. “This isn’t the last movie we’ll be making with Marvel – [this is not] Producer Amy Pascal explained the latest Spider-Man movie. We are preparing to make the next movie Spider Man A movie with Tom Holland and Marvel, it’s not part of… We’re thinking of this as three movies, and now we’re going to move on to the next three movies. However, insiders were quick to clarify that Sony has no official plans to make a new trilogy at this time.

Spider-Man: There is no room for home It swings into theaters December 17th.

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