Studios Compete For New Film With Lewis Hamilton And Brad Pitt

Lewis Hamilton at the 69th Cannes in 2016. At least he's got red carpet experience?

Lewis Hamilton at the 69th Cannes in 2016. At least he’s got red carpet experience?
Photo: Alberto Bezzoli / Staff (Getty Images)

It’s great to be a racing fan and movie buff lately, as racing movies and new series continue to flood streams and screens. movies like Speed, And Ford vs FerrariAnd Combined with Netflix’s behind-the-scenes look at the highest levels of racing, Formula 1, in drive to surviveAnd Open the door wide for more movies, series and documentaries coming to your favorite channels. Now, the latest project expected to grace Hollywood is said to include Seven-time world champion and Mercedes driver Sir Lewis HamiltonTogether with actor Brad Pitt.

according to The Hollywood ReporterThe untitled project also has big names attached off-screen such as director Joseph Kosinski and screenwriter Eren Kruger, both of whom worked on the new Top Gun: Maverick, along with its flagship product Jerry Bruckheimer. Bruckheimer is a name you probably know from other car enthusiast movies like Gone in 60 seconds (2000), Thunder daysAnd and the original Best.

Hamilton also takes to the track in Abu Dhabi this weekend to The fight for a possible victory in the eighth championshipHollywood’s biggest studios and streaming giants are also racing to win the bidding war for the new, unnamed race title. Competitors include Paramount, MGM and Sony, as well as Netflix, Apple and Amazon. Even Disney, the latest notable “racing” movies include ‘cars’ franchise and Herbie fully loaded, aims to be the Home movie studio.

The real question remains: What is the movie about? While the latest racing biographies have recreated high stakes and iconic scenes from ancient races – bringing viewers back to the days of Niki Lauda and James Hunt At the height of the competition on the track, or Ford finished 1-2-3 at Le Mans (I still feel bitter to this day Ken Miles part of the real life story, how it ended so tragically I think he should have gotten that win), but Lewis is now 36. And while yes, age doesn’t matter, he already has one hell of a career to look back on knight To boot, will this untitled movie really talk about it?

Other far-reaching ideas could be his battle with Red Bull’s Max Verstappen in the 2021 season, which comes to a close on Sunday. or at that time He and Nico Rosberg crashed in 2016 … And Rosberg continues to interrupt Lewis’s winning streak in the World Championships?

I have my theories. But I would also like to know your character. With the participation of Lewis Hamilton and Brad Pitt, what story of Formula 1 can appear on the screen in the near future? Send me your silver screen shows and maybe we can get a meeting with one of the loser studios after all this is over.


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