‘Succession’ Season 3 Finale Shocker Sees Tom Wambsgans Get the Last Laugh

You know your relationship with your mother is complicated when you give her a wedding toast that both call out for being an absentee parent and put her marriage in competition with your husband. Chef’s wedding speech to her icy mother in SuccessionThe Season 3 finale is one for the ages: “I’m jealous of the time you’re spending with her,” she tells her new stepfather, Schiff. “I hope your marriage will be as rich, happy, rewarding, and fulfilling as mine.”

Last week’s episode ended in a cliffhanger: Kendall Roy was floating face down in an infinity pool after he finally threw in the towel at his own competition with he and another problematic Shiv dad. The conclusion begins with the reassurance that, no, this New Yorker The profile was not a farewell to Jeremy Strong. While the family plays the monopoly, Kendall’s son Logan, Iverson, assures his father that his father is fine. Now, it’s time to watch your mom get married again – and as one might predict, none of the kids is really okay.

Kendall does his best to put on a normal moral front when he first meets his siblings before the wedding. He tells his siblings that he’s ready to “get into it all” and share dirty family secrets with the press. (“We were talking to Vanity Fair‘Comfrey mumbles sometime,’ but we mostly call them. Schiff, meanwhile, won’t stop teasing Roman with jokes about how much he wants to have sex with his mom — just humiliating one more on him in trying to rock her after last week’s failed pic.

Roman seems happy when Daddy decides to bring him in to hammer out an eventual deal between Waystar Royco and the eccentric tech mogul he’s been courting, Lukas Mattson. But then come the questions: “So, what is it, son? Are you afraid of a pussy? Are all the screens up to your ass with you or what? … If you need a straightening, straighten up, okay? I don’t want to know.” The urging His sons on having their sex lives is kind of a hobby for Logan, who not only asks Roman but Kendall if he’s been “gay” before — usually as a bullying tactic.

This season has focused on Roman’s “sexual thing,” as Schiff calls it, but neither she nor anyone in Roy’s orbit should really open their mouths about it. Schiff’s toxic relationships with her parents made her unable to trust; Despite what her toasts would suggest, the best flirt she’s had with Tom in years is making fun of Greg. In fact, Schiff’s inability to see her husband for what he really is – and how he really feels – is what ultimately causes everything to fall apart.

But more on that later — first, down to the business.

When Logan and Roman sat down with the Swedish tech brothers Alexander Skarsgård, things started to go south into the Roy Family Peewee League. Lucas does not want to merge. He wants to take over, which jeopardizes the lavish attitudes of Roy’s children. Logan sends Roman to the wedding, and Roman is right to be sulky; Logan is clearly considering Lucas’ proposal.

Roman arrives just in time for the kids to step in with Kendall – and he’s pretty sure he’s not the one with the problem, like his siblings are. But then he said something wonderful: “Do you have any idea how it feels, as the eldest son, to be promised something and then be accepted?”

Connor, the actual eldest son, just wishes someone had told him about the peer merger last week — or perhaps thought. for him to take the mantle of his father. “did you get hurt?” Asked. “I haven’t seen pop for three years, but your spoon wasn’t shiny enough, right? That’s not all about you.”

This season it became clear that Connor, Logan’s only child from his first marriage, became a romantic daddy with the other kids at some point — at least, he took his siblings fishing when Logan wasn’t bothering him. But because this family doesn’t have any sense of loyalty and because Connor is, to be fair, kind of a donkey, all Connor gets from his family is sarcasm and yells.

On the bright side: To answer one of our burning questions before the end, Willa—obviously pitying Connor—decided to say “yes” to his marriage proposal from last week. “You know? Damn… how bad can that be?” (Great story for kids).

But things fall apart after that. Word reaches out to Roman, then Shiv and Kendall, that Daddy may almost certainly be working to sell the company from under them.

Kendall sinks to the floor and laughs when Schiff asks if he has a “corner” on the deal. He insists, “Not here.” Finally, his brothers give him the opportunity to tell them how he really feels – and by some miracle, he takes it. He finally confessed to killing the waiter at a chef’s wedding. “She’s really lonely,” he says. “I am completely detached.” He cries on the floor as Schiff says what we all knew was coming: Yes, this is a terrible time, but they need to talk about this merger. right Now.

Another surprise: When Schiff asks where Kendall would like to wait, he asks him to ride with his siblings instead. They say yes without hesitation. Roman throws his arm around his brother and rubs his freshly fresh head, in an echo of the playful warmth we saw during last year’s final. However, in the car, Kendall reveals that thanks to their mother’s divorce settlement, the children can now veto their father.

He cries on the floor as Schiff says what we all knew was coming: Yes, this is a terrible time, but they need to talk about this merger. right Now.

The moment is electric, weak, and dangerous. Last season, we watched both Roman and Chef try to figure out what each other was feeling on the yacht—and, you know, Chef threw Kendall under the bus with Logan. This time, as they’ll be alone in the back of the car, Roy’s kids tell each other what they’re really thinking – and they all agree that it’s finally time to “kill” Dad.

Now back to where Kendall was at the premiere: the mobile theater. The children summon their allies during the journey to confront their father. Roman summons Connor, Schiff summons Tom, and Kendall checks to make sure the loophole is legal. (that it.)

Unfortunately for the would-be rebels on this ancient steamship, one glaring mistake caused their entire plan to ignite before they walked in the door.

Shiv’s marriage was falling apart in front of our eyes the whole time Succession, but things have gotten worse since Schiff explained how satisfied she was with her husband going to prison. (Go to the number.) Nor did it help when he congratulated Kendall on Tom’s abdication of his marriage on his way to power.

When Chef called her husband to tell him about her latest plan, he asked a very reasonable question: “Where do I fit in, Chef?” her answer? Very uninspiring “we’ll find out”.

Naturally, there is only one person Tom wants to share this news with. When Greg gushes to Tom about his latest flirtation with a Luxembourgian princess, his best company friend responds with a proposal of his own. (Everything too Pride and prejudiceis not it?)

“Things may be in motion,” Tom says, his voice dripping from conspiratorial plots. “Do you want to come with me, Sporus?”

Smart viewers will probably know what happens next – but it’s the execution that makes it so hard to watch Kendall, Schiff, and Roman face off with Logan.

Logan wasn’t even remotely surprised when his kids broke into the conference room. His reasons for selling the company, essentially giving himself another pile of billions of dollars to toss on top of another while leaving his children (who are still very wealthy) out in the cold? “Make your own pile.”

Unfortunately for the team’s succession, Father was a step ahead. someone He pulled him out, giving him time to call and talk to the children’s mother to pull out an absolute majority stake. The parents of Roy’s children – forced by their loneliness to act as mediators of all sorts of vile messages – still collaborate to betray them.

Kieran Culkin wasn’t too heartbroken than he is here. As disgusting as Roman is, Culkin’s pathetic delivery of the words, “Dad…please?” When his character realizes she’s lost, she strikes the same nerve that a child winced after being slapped. But Logan doesn’t have any.

Excuse me? He asked. Roman would have to do better than that. What would he have to offer Logan in return for his mercy and support?

“What do I have?” asks the eminent loser. “I don’t know – fucking… love?” As Logan quickly explained, the claim is a bit weak given the circumstances. “Are you talking about love?” Asked. “You should have trusted me.”

But this isn’t the moment that seems to crush Roman the most — it comes when Jerry quietly answers his pleas for help, “How does that serve my interests?” These children need a lot of treatment.

In the end, Schiff faces perhaps the worst betrayal of all–the realization that her husband, whom she thought she had put under her thumb, was definitely the one who sold her. Her breath trembled as Tom grumbled, in that innocent and gentle voice: “Hello, Shiv, are you alright?” One safe prediction for Season 4? Things could get nastier from here.


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