‘Sweet Valley High’ Reboot From ‘Gossip Girl’ EPs In Works at The CW

The CW may soon score in Sweet Valley Hi.

The network is developing a new adaptation of the popular YA book series by Francine Pascal, with gossip GirlJosh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage set to executive production deadline reports.

The demo script is written by gossip Girl Reboot of writer/producer Ashley Wigfield – who is, yes, the sister of Tracy Wigfield, the Peacock Model Save him by ringing the bell Biology. The possible string logical line reads as:

Sweet Valley is the city everyone dreams of growing up in. And there is no better example of this promise than Elizabeth Wakefield. But when her missing twin sister Jessica miraculously returns, it reignites a lifelong rivalry. It falls to new girl Enid Ruiz to find out that someone (or something) is in control of all the leads, but can she convince the twins that setting aside their personal war is the only way to draw Sweet Valley’s dark roots into the California sunshine?

the Sweet Valley Hi The book series produced 181 issues between 1983 and 2003. A former small-screen adaptation starring real-life twins Brittany and Cynthia Daniel for three seasons from 1994 to 1997, before moving to the defunct UPN for its fourth and final season.

The movie was previously in development, with Diablo Cody attached to write a long script.

In addition to Sweet Valley HiAnd Schwartz and Savage are executive producers on The CW’s DynastyAnd drawing nancy and next Tom Swift branch as well as the aforementioned gossip Girl Reboot for HBO Max and burning city Adaptation to Apple TV +. Meanwhile, Wigfield has also worked with the duo Fake Empire on Hulu looking for Alaska And Harpoon Marvel.

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