Happy holidays from The A.V. Club

Santa Claus distributes Christmas gifts to young visitors at a North Pole workshop in the Adirondacks, New York, c. 1955Photo: Orlando / Three Lions (Getty Images) Welp, sure seem As if we were finally going to have a nice holiday season again this year, until the Omicron variant raised its ugly head and ruined just … Read more

Hulu comedy finds its stride again

Nathan Dales and K. Trevor Wilson in a to leave mePhoto: Lindsey Sarrazin/Holo ninth season of to leave me He didn’t give us a lot of reasons to get excited. While the episode “Sleepover” was the purest form of this Canadian gang’s magic and power, the notable lack of Glen (Jacob Tierney) and McMurrays (Dan … Read more

Season 1, Ep 4, “Some Of My Best Friends”

Evan Handler, Kristen DavisPhoto: Craig Blankenhorn / HBO Max When you return the property of a loved one like Sex and the CityAnd There is always the risk of damaging the memory of the origin (eg: Sex and the City 2). Or make something so insignificant that it’s difficult for a reboot to look for … Read more

Yellowstone is one of TV’s biggest shows, but far from the buzziest

Kevin Costner in a Yellowstone (Photo: Paramount+)Draw: Rebecca Fasola when YellowstoneParamount Network’s first season debuted in the summer of 2018, and it sounded like a surefire critic. on time, YellowstoneTaylor Sheridan (who is also the lead drama writer and episodic director) has had an incredible streak of wins, attracting fervor to his Assassin And Hell … Read more

After a three-year break, FX’s Atlanta will return this March

Brian Terry Henry, Lakeith Stanfield, Zazie Beetz, and Donald GloverPhoto: FX When it comes to Donald Glover’s beloved and elusive TV ExperimentAnd AtlantaIt’s hard to know if we’ll get any more. while tThere was a two-year gap between seasons one and two, It’s been three since 2018 Atlanta Robin season. Fortunately, we will take a … Read more

The Tragedy Of Macbeth review: Joel Coen does Shakespeare

Denzel Washington in The tragedy of MacbethPhoto: A 24 Over the course of 18 feature films, brothers Joel and Ethan Coen have jointly held their place among America’s most visually and verbally distinguished working filmmakers. Their credits haven’t always been identical — in films prior to 2004, Joel was named as director and Ethan as … Read more

HBO drops Peacemaker, House of the Dragon, Westworld footage

John Cena as Peacemakerscreenshot: HBO Max A new TV spot on HBO has shown some snapshots of some of the highly anticipated series hitting the channel and streaming app in 2022. The roaring reel gives fans a peek at quite a few long-awaited series, including game of Thrones prequel series Dragon HouseThe new series peace … Read more

The 25 best TV shows of 2021

Clockwise from top left: Lucy Shorthus, Faith Omol, Anjana Vasan, Juliette Matted, Sarah Camilla Impey V We are a lady of parts (Photo: Laura Radford/Peacock); William Jackson Harper and Jessica Williams in love life (Photo: HBO Max); Ramona Young, Lee Rodriguez, and Maitri Ramakrishnan in I never did before (Photo: Isabella B. Vosmikova/Netflix); Matthew McFadden … Read more

Landscapers recap: Season 1, “Episode 3”

David Thewlis in landscapingPhoto: Stefania Rosini / HBO Landscaping This week begins with apocalyptic aesthetics, crafting demonic visions of the Wycherlys from Susan and David Thewlis Chris and making an eerily glowing painting of the Wycherlys. tucked under their bed where Susan supposedly left them. Is this supposed to be a nightmare in Edwards’ heads … Read more

Jeff Garlin will actually still be on The Goldbergs (sort of)

GoldbergPhoto: ABC / Scott Everett White What was supposed to be a mutual decision last weekSonny and Jeff Garlin have agreed that the latter will no longer appear on the ABC sitcom Goldberg After allegations of specific behavior allegedly made people uncomfortable (not to mention a general refusal on the part of Garlin to admit … Read more