Harry Potter & The Sorcerer's Stone | Harry Potter Gets His Wand | HBO Max – HBO Max

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone | Harry Potter gets his wand | HBO MaxHBO Max .

Merry Christmas From The Gemstones | HBO – HBO

Merry Christmas Gems | HBOHBO .

Matrix 4 End Credits: Secret Scene After Resurrections

Neo and Trinity would like to stay until the end, please.picture: Warner Bros. Fans know they’re going to stay through the credits In the Marvel movie, but probably not on file matrix Movie. However, they definitely should when it comes Resurrection MatrixAnd Now showing in theaters and broadcasting on HBO Max. resurrection It is the … Read more

The Flash Movie Includes Man of Steel Kryptonian Villains

The Barrys Allen and their new superhero friend have some familiar faces to contend with.screenshot: Warner Bros. Bryan Fuller promises maximum excitement for for him Christine remake. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 You are asked to choose between the red feather and the blue feather. HBO Max’s 2022 glimpse brings a new look at Gremlins TV … Read more

Yellowstone is one of TV’s biggest shows, but far from the buzziest

Kevin Costner in a Yellowstone (Photo: Paramount+)Draw: Rebecca Fasola when YellowstoneParamount Network’s first season debuted in the summer of 2018, and it sounded like a surefire critic. on time, YellowstoneTaylor Sheridan (who is also the lead drama writer and episodic director) has had an incredible streak of wins, attracting fervor to his Assassin And Hell … Read more

HBO Max Shows Off New ‘The Flight Attendant’ And ‘Westworld’

We’re no longer in the wasteland of television, so prepare for streaming services to pile up even more than they were in 2021. Production is back at its peak, and HBO Max has garnered plenty of prestigious and underrated series to take on. I am really looking forward to a new product hacks The season … Read more

HBO drops Peacemaker, House of the Dragon, Westworld footage

John Cena as Peacemakerscreenshot: HBO Max A new TV spot on HBO has shown some snapshots of some of the highly anticipated series hitting the channel and streaming app in 2022. The roaring reel gives fans a peek at quite a few long-awaited series, including game of Thrones prequel series Dragon HouseThe new series peace … Read more

Michael Keaton to Return as Batman in HBO Max DC Movie

The rise of the Dark Knight… again.picture: Warner Bros. The capital’s cinematic universe kicks off Full speed forward into a multiverse of movies — and if Warner Bros. his way, he seems to have found himself an answer to the narrative glue that will bind at least some of this multiverse together: Michael Keaton. as … Read more

HBO Max In 2022: House Of The Dragon, Peacemaker, & More | HBO Max – HBO Max

HBO Max In 2022: House Of The Dragon, Peacemaker & More | HBO MaxHBO Max .

The 25 best TV shows of 2021

Clockwise from top left: Lucy Shorthus, Faith Omol, Anjana Vasan, Juliette Matted, Sarah Camilla Impey V We are a lady of parts (Photo: Laura Radford/Peacock); William Jackson Harper and Jessica Williams in love life (Photo: HBO Max); Ramona Young, Lee Rodriguez, and Maitri Ramakrishnan in I never did before (Photo: Isabella B. Vosmikova/Netflix); Matthew McFadden … Read more