‘Sons of Anarchy’ Fans Just Got Amazing News From Netflix

Netflix doubles its streams sons of anarchy Creator Kurt Sutter. Sutter, who brought FX viewers the story of Jax Teller, Opie Winston and the rest of the Sons, is getting a new original series on the streaming platform. Presentation titled the displaced It is located in the Old West. It is not clear when he … Read more

Ron Perlman Talks Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio Netflix Movie

picture: Cartoon Network Did you remember that there are two versions of Pinocchio Are we supposed to be enjoying 2022? One of them obviously comes from Disney, but the other is descended from the famous director Guillermo del Toro . Recently released manager nightmare alley And water shape He has a new look at classic … Read more

Happy holidays from The A.V. Club

Santa Claus distributes Christmas gifts to young visitors at a North Pole workshop in the Adirondacks, New York, c. 1955Photo: Orlando / Three Lions (Getty Images) Welp, sure seem As if we were finally going to have a nice holiday season again this year, until the Omicron variant raised its ugly head and ruined just … Read more

2021 Catch-Up: 10 TV Shows You Missed and Should Binge During the Holiday Break – The Root

Follow-up to 2021: 10 TV Shows You Missed and Must Happen While on Vacationroot 21 Movies on Netflix to Make New Year’s Eve More FunBuzzFeed 15 Great 2021 Deals for Holiday WeddingsBrooklyn is vegan Where to watch all of this year’s Oscar-winning films, from ‘West Side Story’ to ‘House of Gucci’daily monster 2021 Holiday TV: … Read more

The Witcher Fans Unhappy Over Season 2 Deleted Scene

Netflix revealed an unfinished deleted scene the magician The second season, and many fans of the series are not happy with broadcaster Lauren Hissrich and his colleagues. I decided to cut it. In other words, people loved the scene and wish it was in season two. However, it is not now online for your viewing … Read more

Jennifer Coolidge Reads ‘The Night Before Christmas’

Jennifer Coolidge reading ‘The Night Before Christmas’ | the people Skip to content top navigation Close this dialog window Discover PEOPLE.com Close this dialog window Share & more Close this dialog window view photo Watch Jennifer Coolidge wear her own touch The night before Christmas This link to an external site may or may not … Read more

Colin Kaepernick SPAC Deal Collapses, Testing Celebrity Halo

Change Co seemed the perfect buy-in from Colin Kaepernick’s SPAC. The California lender is focusing on traditional bank-disadvantaged minority borrowers, which fits well with the former NFL star’s social justice activism. But the deal faltered last week over a strange issue: Mr. Kaepernick’s reluctance to integrate into live television, people familiar with the matter said. … Read more

2021 TV Guilty Pleasures: “Ted Lasso,” “Click Bait” & More! | Daily Pop | E! News

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The Hilariously Specific Career Options for Christmas Movie Heroines

Anyone hopping through any TV in America between late October and January—whether it’s cable-only or just Netflix—is virtually guaranteed to stumble across a rom-com with heroes annoyingly devoted to Christmas cookies. Often, it will follow the emotional journey of a woman working a corporate job in a big city as she slowly realizes, thanks to … Read more