Tammy Slaton’s New Mystery Man Buckles Under Pressure

1000 lbs. sisters Superstar Tammy Slatton left everyone confused when she shared a post with a mysterious man on Instagram just before Christmas. Who was this man exactly? Was it her new boyfriend? Was he just a friend? Was it related to TLC series production?

Regardless of who Tammy Slatton’s mystery man is, he seems to have collapsed under stress lately. What exactly is pressure? Keep reading and we’ll share what we know.

Hey, Tammy Slatton has a mysterious guy?

Fans who follow Tammy Slatton may have noticed that a mysterious man has been pretty active in the comments of her posts for a while now. A man named Joshua Douglas has been commenting on Tammy’s Instagram posts for a while now. His Instagram profile describes him as an actor.

Some of his photos also suggest that he might be doing some modeling. Some fans made stereotypical assumptions that this mystery man was gay or bisexual because of “what his profile pictures look like.” However, he seems to like Tammy Slatton very much when he posts comments on her profile.

Tammy Slatton YouTube / TLC

In both his Instagram and hers, it appears that the rumored couple have been spending some time together lately. Joshua flooded his profile so much that he finally had a chance to meet his friend and hang out with him. 1000 lbs. sisters Fans can’t help but wonder if this is friendship or something else. Was this mystery man a friend of Tammy Slatton?

Boyfriend rumors only seemed to circulate when he and Tami shared a photo of him planting a big kiss on her cheek. Have you found Tammy Slatoon a replacement for BBW King? Was this mysterious man her boyfriend? Fans seemed to think it was a possibility after the photo surfaced of kissing with a big red heart sitting next to her.

Look at the photo that sparked the friend rumors below.

tammy slatton instagram
Tami – Instagram

The mystery man may have veered under the pressure

Tammy Slatton shared a picture of herself hanging with this mystery man on her Instagram profile a few days ago. Her post did not include a comment. Which has been pretty typical of her Instagram posts lately. But the mysterious man entered the comments. He posted several red heart emojis. His comment has been liked more than a dozen times.

Unfortunately, Tammy Slatoon isn’t exactly a fan favorite. She accumulated so much hate that she continued to fail to lose weight. Some of that hatred seems to have enveloped Tammy Slatoon’s mystery man. It shrinks under pressure. Watch the conversation they had in the comments in the screenshot below.

tammy slatton instagram
Tami – Instagram

Turns out, the pressure from all the hate that Tammy Slaton is subjected to is weighing on her mystery man. He admitted in the comments that he began to slip under it. So much so that he decided it might be in his best interest to set his profile to private.

Unfortunately, Tammy shared a photo of her mystery man kissing, which put him in the spotlight. It doesn’t necessarily have to highlight somewhere a person wants. Does Tammy Slaton’s rumored friend surprise you that he shrinks under pressure? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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