‘Tell Your Families to Shut the Duck Up’

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Chelsea Handler isn’t single – but she offers tips for those traveling alone during the holidays.

“For everyone getting ready to sit around the holiday dinner tables with your family asking question after question about your love life, this one’s for you,” Handler wrote on Instagram along with a video post with boyfriend Jo Coy.

“Be patient, invest in yourselves, and tell your family to shut up the duck – you’ll find your @jokoy in your own time,” she added. “I didn’t believe it before, Joe, but I know it now. You’ll also start dressing alike.”

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Since they were spotted getting cozy at a Los Angeles Dodgers game in August, Handler, 46, and Koy, 50, have been quite open about their romance, which blossomed after years of friendship.

“This is a message for anyone who’s single and doesn’t want to be,” Handler says in the video she posted on Friday. “I would suggest that you really invest in yourself and become the best version of yourself to prepare yourself for the person you will end up with.”

Earlier in December, Handler and Koy enjoyed a night out together at the People’s Choice Awards, where she received an award for her show. Vaccine and horn. Previous Chelsea recently She told host Laverne Cox on the red carpet about “a lot of the inner workings” she did before she could see Koi’s longtime friend “through a completely different lens.”

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Handler repeated this message in her Instagram post. “This is how I found the person who has been standing in front of me this whole time,” she said, adding to Koy, “I love you, baby.”

Handler snuggled up to Koy before kissing him on the cheek and on the lips before wishing “Shabbat shalom” to her followers.

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