The Abyss 4K Blu-ray Transfer Was Personally Done by James Cameron

Director James Cameron He said he personally oversaw a 4K digital transmission of the 1989 science fiction film, the abyss. In an interview with, on the sidelines of the release of his upcoming book Tech Noir, the filmmaker praised the cinematographer Michael SalomonHe worked on the movie, and regretted that he didn’t appreciate it enough when he was already working on it.

Cameron said he made the abyss Before his active interest in lighting began, he was greatly influenced by Salomon’s “fantastic job” in the film, for which he was nominated for an Academy Award. In his words:

“It’s really great cinematography. That was before I started asserting myself in terms of lighting and asking the cinematographer to do certain things. I was composing with the camera and choosing the lenses, but I left the lighting to him. He did such a great job on this movie that I now appreciate it better than I did. Even when we were making it.”

Cameron said that now, with a recently completed high-resolution transmission, he hopes audiences can enjoy the film in authentic condition, on broadcast, and on physical media. He said he completed the transfer just two months ago.

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championship Ed HarrisAnd Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, And Michael BeanThe film tells the story of a trio of characters who investigate mysterious underwater events near the Cayman Basin.

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the abyss Perhaps it was Cameron’s fascination with the deep seas. The director is currently working on the second symbol picture Film, a large part of which will be placed under water. He is also a deep sea diver, and has participated in documentaries about underwater exploration. In an interview with, Cameron praised Salomon for pioneering underwater imaging techniques. He said:

“I would also note that he took one look at the dailies on the first day of the underwater lighting and went out and learned to dive. He came the next Monday morning, the worst diver in the world, but he reinvented the underwater lighting. He went for the indirect lighting and made everyone They do things that were not only out of their comfort zone, but never thought of. Suddenly, underwater shots begin to rise to the level of surface photography.”

Cameron admitted it the abyss “She didn’t make a lot of money in her day,” but she admitted her fan cult is constantly growing. The film grossed $90 million against an estimated budget of $47 million.

But gone are the days when Cameron’s film underperformed at the box office. The director is characterized as being directed symbol picture and Titanic is the number one and three highest-grossing film in history (adjusted for inflation). The contract sequel is scheduled for release in December 2022. Stay tuned for more updates!

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