‘The Bachelorette’ Season 18 Finale Recap: Michelle, Natye and Brandon

employment The bacheloretteIn the final eighteenth season, Michelle had to figure out what was more important: what she wanted, or what her family wanted. And in the end, she chose what she wanted, and this was Knight.

The drama began when Brandon and Nate spent some quality time with Michelle’s parents, Lavon and Ephraim, and her sister, Angela. Michelle’s entire family fell in love with Brandon, whom they met earlier in the season. Lavon and Ephraim said they feel Brandon’s warmth and can tell based on the look in his eyes that he really loves their daughter.

Lavon seemed particularly impressed that Brandon works remotely and can easily relocate to Minnesota, where Michelle lives and works as a teacher. Ephraim appreciated the fact that Brandon said that his mother is ambitious and strong, and that women like that do not frighten him, but inspire him. Ephraim said he would adopt Brandon once Michelle gave consent. Ooooo!

Michelle’s parents also told her how much they liked Brandon, and then, when they met Nayte, they relayed how little they liked Nayte compared to her. Nate must have felt that negativity because the dude was nervous. He kept stumbling over his words, and at one point, he accidentally told Lavon that he doesn’t take love seriously. Or is it a Freudian slip? Michelle’s mother surely thought so.

Suddenly, Michelle didn’t know how to feel. Knight is hot and got her excited and excited, but Brandon was clearly in love with her more and Michelle could feel that too. Maybe that’s why, when she spent the day with Brandon surfing and kicking him, she told Brandon that she loved him too. But did she mean it or was her parents talking in the back of her mind?

Brandon gave her the sweatshirt he was wearing the first day he met her. It’s the same sweatshirt, it seems, that Brandon rocked when they shared a fantasy wing and had a food fight. He washed the fluffy white shirt to remove the stain, but Brandon’s thinking really affected Michelle.

In contrast, when Michelle spent the day with Nate, she worried more about his love than he loved her. But Knight said he was also scared, was madly in love with her and wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. He also said he hoped he wasn’t waiting too late to share his vulnerable side with her.

The Bachelorette and Michelle and NateThat night, Nayte said it was amazing to have a deadline with her and that he didn’t want to be anywhere else. He said his awkward conversation with her mother had to happen to force him to better open up to Michelle. Knight also added that as much as getting on one knee and proposing frightened him, he was more afraid of getting up and never seeing her again. Before the two, Michelle said she figured out what she wanted to do.

After her date with Nayte, Michelle returns to her room and finds an honest letter from Brandon saying that no matter what, he wanted her to follow her heart. This was when Michelle said that finding out the guy she wanted to spend the rest of her life with would be the hardest decision of her life because she was in love with both.

While Michelle tried to figure out what she wanted, Nate and Brandon shopped for rings. Knight chose a pear-shaped diamond, and Brandon chose a square cut. The sister-girl strutted in a beautiful, shiny white dress and said that she would eventually put herself first so that she would never feel like never seeing her again.

Then it was time to propose, and Brandon gave her the most beautiful speech ever, but Michelle said she didn’t feel that way, and poor Brandon’s face turned red. She said her heart was with Nate, and they were both crying. Brandon said he has never regretted giving Michelle his heart and will always be there for her.

Michelle was shocked when Brandon said she deserved to be happy because, she said, he deserved to be happy too. inhale. Sad and sweaty Brandon slowly walked away and said he gave it his all and now he crashed, and then the white SUV he was driving crawled away.

Bachelorette MichelleNow it’s time to find out what happened with Nate. Michelle said her heart belonged to him and wanted him to propose. Walking in, I hugged him tightly and Knight said he felt a connection with her the first night he met her.

Knight said he wanted to run away with her and that he would do everything in his power to make her feel visible. He said he loved her, and Michelle said their kinetic relationship was something she felt jumpy about, too. She said she loved Nate with all her heart and didn’t want to live a life with anyone but him. He got down on one knee and said her full name and asked her to marry him, and it was great, all of you. It was awesome!

Plus, in the post-“After the Final Rose” special, Michelle and Nate got an early Christmas present from the show: a down payment for their first home! Thank you, Santa… eh, ABC!

What do you think of Knight’s show to Michelle? Did she choose wisely or will Nate break her beloved’s heart? Rate the ending in our survey, and drop your thoughts in the comments.

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