The Best Performances of 2021

What I wouldn’t be able to watch The sexual life of college students When I was in college already! Created by Mindy Kaling And Justin Noble HBO Max series stars rookie newcomers Pauline Chalamet, Amrit Kaur, Renee Raab, And on it Chanel | Scott As roommates at the fictional Essex College. They are a variety of women Really You look like college students (a rarity these days!) and find themselves in very volatile situations – awkward and wonderful in equal measure. There are football teams, work-study, comedy teams, fraternity parties, and sexual awakenings. But most of all, it’s filled with endless laughs, pop culture references, and lots of heart. —CB

Vinnie Thomas, “A Pigeon at Pride”

I think it’s his enormous eyeballs – their movement and depth, and how Vinnie Thomas communicates volumes every time he narrows, widens, or frantically pushes them from side to side. They’re the real star of this 76-second clip, the best thing I’ve seen on the internet this year (and spent Much From this year looking at the Internet). Some comedians on Twitter are skilled imitators or practice lip-syncing. Thomas, though, has a knack for personifying animals in surprising ways, from A fly flies around your bedroom to One of the last condors in California To this hungry little team, happy with LGBTQ joy in their quest for crumbs. Ornithologists, by the way, objected to the video: “They were like, You should not feed the birds bread,Thomas said in this summer’s podcast. “Like, yeah, we know that, but that doesn’t stop the pigeon from wanting the bread. And it’s also like throwing out some grains and seeds? Honey, that’s not funny.” —HB

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