The Book of Boba Fett Promo Heralds a Star Wars Legend’s Return

Dave Filoni, Temoira Morrison, Robert Rodriguez and more talk about what Boba Fett’s book has in store for its unique character.

The team behind boba fett book Share a new video spreading rumors star Wars Bounty hunter past and future.

Opening with Boba Fett clips star Wars: Empire strikes In the encore, the video sees executive producers Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau praising the bounty hunter’s lasting legacy and how this led to his appearance in The Mandalorian. Filoni describes Fett as “a ‘man without a name,’ lone gunslinger type character, when I was a kid”—a nod to the character’s Sergio Leone/Clint Eastwood influence—and notes how his lack of identity shapes the character’s charm. Meanwhile, Favreau asserts that “the idea of ​​someone wearing Mandalorian armor is clearly influenced by Boba Fett,” describing Fett’s The Mandalorian The second season returns as something that “felt right”.

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From there, the video reveals the making of some scenes from boba fett book, as well as fixed clips for Fett and his ally, Fennec Shand, in fighting opponents. Actor Timuera Morrison, who has previously voiced Feet in various media as well as his father, Django Fett, assures fans that they will soon “discover where he is and how he’s changing,” while co-star Ming Na Win praised the way the “raw” show provides a sense of humor. “Originally”. boba fett book It will also mark the second time each actor plays star Wars This year’s personalities, with Morrison previously voicing Wit Star Wars Visions Won plays the role of the younger Chand Star Wars: The Bad Batch.

anyway boba fett book Fett’s provocation has prompted him to take charge of Jabba the Hutt’s operations, with director Robert Rodriguez recently revealing that all of the current trailer’s footage only comes from the front half of the pilot episode. Rodriguez, who directed the FIT Center The Mandalorian The episode “Chapter 14: The Tragedy” also acknowledged this, although “excellent properties” are rarely addressed. star Wars The project appealed to him because the character’s “untapped” triple original screen time gave him free reign to tell a new story. Favreau also explained last month how Jabba Star Wars: Return of the Jedi Death set in motion the events of the series, leaving behind a “power vacuum” on Tatooine that several criminals want to fill, including Fett and Shand.

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A recently dropped video sparked more of Feet and Chand’s ambitions, with Feet revealing his intention to oversee Jabba’s empire “through respect” rather than fear. Aside from both the anti-heroes and the little-known Twi’lek played by Jennifer Beals, it is currently unknown what the other characters will appear as boba fett book.

boba fett book Premieres December 29 on Disney+.

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