The Expanse Season 6 Episode 3 “Force Projection” TV Recap

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Season 6 From Extension is being tearing right along, as avasarala Discover a brewing problem on Ceres, Drummer establishes a new master alliance, and Rosinanti The crew’s short break after the big discovery last week was rudely interrupted Mr. Inaros. And it has a smudge of Animal Cemetery Entered the chat? Let’s get into the Force Projection, it’s about to get hot!

An image of the article titled The Expanse presents the best space battle yet, along with some blasts from the past

As it has become a tradition, we open to Laconia for more drama sound Not connected to the rest of Season 6 yet – but since that’s it ExtensionOdds are, everything will tie together at some point. Still mourning the loss of her flying friend, Kara gets rid of her little brother, Zan, who teases her to play soccer after school. Instead, she returns to a clearing in the woods, where she notices that the broken drone she stole from her parents has been fixed. then “strange dog“It seems … as does the bird, which is somehow alive again.” I fixed her! You fix things! Kara screams joyfully and rushes in. But her mood quickly changes when she sees the scene in the house: Zhan’s still, bloodied body is spread out on the sofa, her shocked parents sobbing. Well… one suspects that “fixing things” will certainly return to develop this plot.

Now that it’s a file Rosinanti Putting an end to Marco Inaros’ rock-throwing operation, the combined forces of Earth, Luna, and Mars headed to retake Ceres, which was briefly under the control of the Free Navy. But the station – which has always been an important strategic stronghold – is strangely empty and depleted, with Marco and his people nowhere to be found. MCRN’s Kirino wonders if it was a trap or not. Avasarala seems to be thinking the same thing. The search uncovered some extremists, including management chief Niko, who was not too happy to see the “insiders” return for their “illegal occupation”. But when Avasarala asks her, Belter says she doesn’t know where Marco has gone or why – it sounds like an honest answer – and advises the Secretary-General to “take your staff and go”. And while Nico insists that Marco didn’t do it give up The Belters who stayed behind said Ceres had only three weeks of food and air left – something the UNN fleet was not equipped to help with. Yes… this is the most definitely Trap. “If we don’t help this station, we will be responsible for a massive humanitarian crisis,” Avasarala says. “The Belt will see us again as the oppressor and the power of Einarus will continue to grow.”

Also heading to Ceres RosinantiClarissa—still wobbly after using her mod—takes her first night shift. She clears the air a bit with Holden, confessing to him that she once used her mods to kill a co-worker who was a good friend—Extension Show it in third season– And she’s still chasing after her. “Everyone on this ship has something to regret. Amos included… ThinkHolden says, to brighten the moment. “You are in good company.” In the kitchen, Bobbie and Amos have a sweet exchange with terrible food on the plane rocks, memories about Canterbury And their old life, planning their activities in Ceres: “They’ve got good wine, and all the brothels are interconnected,” says Amos enthusiastically.

And we have another cute moment between Naomi and Holden, where she opens up about why she froze during Azure Dragon Mission – not surprisingly, it was because of the constant trauma from her terrifying space tours in Season 5 – and says she’s embarrassed by what happened. When Holden changes the subject by asking for her help with the data surrounding Barketh Ambiguity, Naomi smiles and correctly concludes “You’re trying to distract me by giving me an interesting problem.”

In a less peaceful state of mind: Filip on board Bella, watching news reports that Pelters riot to protest Marco’s abandonment of Ceres (Philip is particularly aghast at spotting a sticker of Marco’s face reading “Coward”). However, Marco is in a good mood and seems uninterested in Rosenfeld’s report on the increasing military presence of the Interior Ministry in their midst. He pumps for a “hit-and-run” plan should any Free Navy ships encounter battle groups while picking up supplies for a city station. Entering Philip, he wants Marco to explain why they left Ceres after declaring it the capital of the Belt. In a condescending tone of voice, Marco says he knows they can never control Ceres – he just needed the people out there. Believe They can. He says, “I told people what they needed to hear when they needed to hear it”; Avasarala’s assessment of deliberately creating a humanitarian crisis for the enemy to deal with appears to be 100% correct. He also insinuates that the Belters who have spent their lives subservient to Ceres are a class below the Belters like himself and Philip. “You and I are supposed to be here in the dark and fighting,” he told his son. They hug her, but there is still anxiety between them.

An image of the article titled The Expanse presents the best space battle yet, along with some blasts from the past

picture: Amazon Studios

On-board TainanAnd Drummer and Walker are munching on former OPA ships that might help them target Marco’s secret supply depots. She wonders why he has the warehouses in the first place, and Walker says he’s also unsure: “Tell me. The strategy is for the generals.” Nearby, Michio is watching a news interview with… Season 3 again! that it Reverend Anna (Elizabeth Mitchell) talks about the continuing effects of the disaster on Earth, a piece we’ll soon learn is one of Monica Stewart’s Avasarala commissions. “Poor, poor land,” Josep snores. “She doesn’t know where she will get her food and water. Welcome to the belt.” Michio disagrees – she doesn’t think anyone should be treated the way Pelters are – and they argue loud enough to get Drummer’s attention.

Then we get to juice. the Bella She picks up a lonely ship in her vicinity and a pleased Marco can’t believe who he is (You have to love the wicked way he extends the word ru-si-nan-tae). Rosenfeld tries to talk to him softly while Philip quietly freaks out in the corner, but Marco is unthinkable: “You must learn to recognize opportunity when one presents oneself!” Everyone heads to their battle centers, including Philip, who controls the weapons.

We get another callback last season in the next scene. Amos and Bobby make repairs to her armor (this week’s ironic pet name: “honeybuns”) when Amos receives a message sent through secret channels… from his best friend, Prax! After telling Amos that a scientist in his lab had been murdered by the Free Navy, allegedly they suspected a spy, he said they had discovered a new strain of yeast that could help rebuild the food supply. “You know people with power,” Brax says, before pleading for Amos to share the data with Earth. “Chrissy will know what to do with it,” Amos mumbles as he sends it off. “The old lady loves it when you call her that,” Poppy cracks. “At least say it to her face,” he smiles.

Elsewhere on rocksNaomi made a small breakthrough with Barketh Data: I discovered a pattern of ships that disappeared as they passed through the ring. They occur in groups, and as soon as the ship “falls” out of the hatch opening, the ship disappears – and the hole itself disappears shortly thereafter. Holden says he knows someone who might be able to help solve this mystery…but before we find out who it might be, red alert: Bella (plus two Marco else Big gun ships) rushing straight towards rocks. “Everyone get dressed and pack their clothes, he’s about to get it hot! “

Of course, before we get into the heat, we’ll have to patiently wait for another scene on Ceres, where Monica and the camera eye are recording the UNN soldiers, some of whom are better behaved than others, doing relief work to help the Belters. She walks around to talk to an old Belter petting an orange cat when suddenly a series of huge explosions occurs across the station. A parting gift from Marco perhaps?

And talking about you know who, the Bella Has a missile lock on Rosinanti. Sheyyet! (Literally what I screamed at the screen at that moment.) Philip takes the shot, but fortunately rocksable to defend itself. However, as Holden aptly predicts, “We’re out of the weight class here.” It’s going to take some tricky maneuvers from now on, though rocks Catch a break when the two ships travel with Bella Duck out of the fight. Philip shoots again, and suddenly the Roshi needs some urgent repairs. “In the middle of a fight?” Clarissa says in disbelief. “That’s the job, peaches,” replies Amos, and they hurry to take care of business, even when rocks ups and downs. Bobbie aims and shoots and notices Bella It continues to dribble in the same direction every time. Her next shot does not miss. Marco Duck is seated, at least temporarily, and Bobby is ready to finish him off, but Holden hesitates. “Marco is better as a prisoner,” he says, but adds, “If that doesn’t work, you shoot.”

A video link has been created, which means we’ll see Marco and Holden following each other (this is the first time they’ve ‘meeted’, unless I’m wrong), as well as Marco leaning carefully that Holden (and Nami) can see Naomi’s lookalike son sitting next to him . “I will die before I live at the end of your leash,” Marco growls. That’s all Bobbie needs to hear, but when you shoot again, the killer bullet… does it explode? It couldn’t have anything to do with whatever sound Holden made on his wrist controller at the last minute, could it? (Yes, as we shall soon see; unknown to all but preserved forever in rocksWarhead data disarmed by “Holden, c.”)

Fortunately, the Bella He turns away from the fight and turns away. (“Did we win?” Amos asks. “No,” said Bobby. “But at least we didn’t lose.” Bella In poor condition, Marco is angry with everyone, including Philip, who protested that he did exactly as his father commanded. “You are Fail,” Philip snaps in front of everyone. “It’s your fault. We didn’t need to be here. We didn’t need to be in this fight. we I didn’t need to kill James Holden.” An enraged Marco orders him off the deck, but Philip is not wrong and from the look on her face, Rosenfeld knows this too. But suddenly Marco receives some good news to turn his very bad day: a letter from Medina regarding something top-secret has been done. Pick it up at Laconia Gate Laconia Gateway, you say? What a fool. Take a look at it on Marco’s screen and – could it be some kind of completely new stealth ship built using elementary particle technology? Oh really crap. The dots are starting to gather… and somehow we’re already halfway there Extensionfinal season.

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