The Flash Is Bringing a Legion of Super-Heroes Mainstay to the Arrowverse

Mika Abdullah is set to join the cast of The Flash, playing a longtime member of the future team Legion of Super-Heroes.

A new hero from Legion of Super-Heroes DC is set to join the Arrowverse as part of the cast the flash.

According to The Wrap, actress Mika Abdullah will play Tinya Wazzo in the series. Described as a “reluctant, reluctant teenager” who, after years of successfully hiding in plain sight, her life “turned upside down when she became the subject of Iris West-Allen’s latest investigation for CC Citizen Media.” Tina soon finds herself “hurled into a dangerous world she never knew existed – a world that would change her life forever.” Abdullah previously starred in the series “The Spy of the Child” The project Mc2 on Netflix.

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DC fans will recognize Tinya Wazzo as an old member of the 31st century’s greatest protectors, the Legion of Super-Heroes. Using the codenames Phantom Girl, stage or appearance, Tinya is an alien from the planet Bgtzl and has the ability to pass through solid objects. Given that the description does not indicate the flashDescending from the distant future, Tinya’s version may share a second Phantom Girl: Linnya Wazzo, Tinya’s contemporary ancestor who has the same powers and becomes a member of the team of supernatural explorers masterpieces.

This isn’t the first time members of the Legion have appeared in the Arrowverse. employment super girlHero Mon-El travels to the future and helps found the Legion there, marrying fellow hero Saturn Girl. Another member, Brainiac 5, has taken to the 21st century and become a regular member of Super-Friends and become romantically involved with Nia Nal, the LSH Dream Girl member’s predecessor and heroine in his own right as Dreamer. Additionally, it has been pointed out that at some point in the future, Flash’s daughter, Nora West-Allen/XS, will be conscripted into the Legion.

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Currently, cast the flash They are busy with the story of “Armageddon”, which will conclude with “Part 5” on December 15. While details are still scarce in the storylines after the crossover event, it has been confirmed that Season 8 will see many familiar faces return to Central City, including John Wesley Ship as Jay Garrick/Flash of Earth-2, and Rick Cusnett as Ex-Detective Iris’ friend Eddie Twain and Robbie Amell as the late husband of Kaitlyn Snow and original firestorm Ronnie Raymond.

New episodes of the flash It will air on Tuesday nights on The CW, although the show will switch to broadcasting on Wednesday after the mid-season finale in 2022.

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Source: The Wrap

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