‘The Flash’ Recap: Season 8 Episode 5 — ‘Armageddon’ Finale, Kat McNamara

Below contains spoilers from the December 14th episode oAnd the flash.

This week in the light, “Armageddon” (as in the 5-week event) and hopefully the end of Armageddon itself. All that said, what do you think Who happened to open the season and not crossover? And what did that final image do on which planet Means?

The fifth installment of “Armageddon” opened with Team Flash catching Eobard Thawne with apparent ease, after which they wrote it down at STAR Labs. After seeing that Thawne was fading from the corrected and permanent schedule (for reasons), a discussion ensued: let him go and thus “die,” or save him by weakening his speed.

Weighs next to “I say, Leaves Plane crash! It was Mia Quinn, who swung by 2021 while searching for her brother. When Iris then privately investigates hot-headed Mia, the future heroine revealed that she’s been trying for two years now to locate William, who was kidnapped at the end of the day. Arrow’Pilot hidden from the back door “Green Arrow and Canary Islands”.

I mean, ‘Poor William! ‘ is all I have to say,” sighs Arrowverse veterinarian Kathryn McNamara, who reprized her role as Mia this week. “He’s been a hostage for two years, so maybe he’s the next villain – we don’t know! – or maybe he’s thriving on a tropical island somewhere with a cocktail in hand…”

Oliver’s daughter and Felicity also revealed to Iris that the only possible clue to finding William is the “family pet rock”. Iris suggests that Mia reach out to Felicity for help, but Mia is concerned that her mother will not understand how far she has gone to find her relatives.

“Mia lost William and didn’t necessarily live up to the mantle of the Green Arrow the way she had hoped—and in a way she assumed her mother would have wanted,” McNamara says. “It’s hard for her to face that, knowing how [Green Arrow] It means inheritance for both her parents.”

Despereaux was also a cast member of Kill Thawne, arguing that allowing the villain to live was to allow little chance of Armageddon eventually occurring. Eventually—and after Mia for a hot minute transformed into Glowy-Eyed, an assassin controlled by Despero—Chester invented some special golden shoes for The Flash, so that the fast driver could run circles around Despero and preemptively dissipate the power source with which he was aiming to preemptively destroy the central city. . With the alien neutralized, the Flash team proceeds to slow down Thawne, against his will, and lock him up in ARGUS.

This was followed by a private party for Team Flash, where they were not allowed to “talk about the shop” – until Damien Darhk showed up. He didn’t mean any harm, but just felt like he was about to fade from this corrected timeline. But before he does so, he meets briefly and kindly with his daughter at the place of purgatory, where Nora has returned to her rightful place among the living.

After she drew a blade earlier on Damien (who once killed her friend Laurel… Similar…a similar person, who didn’t know Mia?), Mia Iris shared that she decided to connect with her hacker mom before putting 2021 in the rearview mirror.

“I think Felicity and Mia have always had a somewhat contentious relationship, given her upbringing and all the other parental concerns that exist in the Queen’s family,” McNamara notes. “But [what Iris said] It’s exactly what Mia needed to hear. She has to realize that Felicity will understand a lot more than Mia thinks she will, and there is a real chance for that decision.”

While Joe took a confused Nora Darhk aside to let her in on all that had happened, Barry toasted Team Flash. But before the CW series has goodbye until March 2022, we get an additional scene in which Bart and Nora suddenly embodied in CCPD in the background of a framed photo from the station’s 2014 New Year’s Eve party.

the meaning…? I don’t know, you all guess! Did Thawne’s energy drop have a ripple effect that trapped Barry and Eris’ children in the past? (Ergo, are both Eddie and Rooney back later this season?) Tom Kavanagh I did It suggests that Thawne will play the long game with his last act of revenge….

As for Mia’s next steps after her engagement to Felicity, McNamara posits, “If there’s anything we know for sure it’s that Mia won’t rest until she finds her brother, because he’s the last piece in her family.” [in 2040]. She made a promise to Oliver that she would take care of William and take care of Felicity, and she feels as though she has broken that promise by losing William, and she can’t rest until she fixes it.”

But without seeing this mystery solved in any remaining Arrowverse show, did McNamara get some closure from her visit to the the light, given that the CW in January chose not to proceed with Green Arrow and Canary IslandsWhich one would it be, Katie Cassidy and Juliana Harkavy?

“I have Little A bit of closure,” TVLine said. “I mean, look, there’s still a lot of Mia’s story unresolved, and I’m very happy about that. I think by the end of this episode, Mia feels very welcome in this world, and I hope this won’t be the last time we see her.”

the light Season 8 will resume on Wednesday, March 9th.

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