The Matrix Resurrections won’t hit HBO Max until 3AM ET on December 22nd

Bad News, matrix Fans: Warner Bros. will not launch. Resurrection Matrix early on HBO Max like I did for Dune. Instead, the highly anticipated fourth film in the matrix The franchise will debut on December 22 at 3:01AM EDT / 12:01AM PT — which means you’ll either have to stay up late beautiful Late to watch the movie when it premieres or (more logically) wait until Wednesday night.

The news isn’t entirely surprising given that HBO Max typically releases new episodes and movies at 3:01 a.m. ET (or equivalent time in other time zones) on their debut date. However, the company has broken its pattern several times when it comes to major HBO Max releases: Duneand, as previously mentioned, hit the service a few hours before its October 22 release date by airing at 6 p.m. ET the night before, while Wonderful Woman 1984 got a little later Release time by debuting at 12 PM ET on Christmas Day last year.

However, unlike Dune (who also appeared in theaters the night before its “official” release date), Resurrection Matrix It doesn’t appear to be showing early Tuesday nights in theaters either, which means that regardless of whether you’re looking forward to seeing the next sequel on the big screen or streaming on the couch, you’ll have to wait until Wednesday, December 22nd to roll.

Practically speaking, though, if you’re looking to stay out of the spoiler until you’ve had enough time to see it Resurrection MatrixYou might want to try to stay away from Twitter on Wednesday.

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