The ‘Monster Problem’ That PETA Has With Henry Cavill’s The Witcher

Fantasy drama led by Henry Cavill from Netflix the magician His highly anticipated second season has recently declined. While many fans were excited about the new episodes, there is one group that didn’t really care. PETA seems to have a huge problem viewing Netflix.

PETA is an organization that supports animals and advocates for their treatment, in an effort to end cruelty to animals. The group released a statement this week condemning the show for its use of live animals in place of CGI. The organization also stated that because of this, the public should not watch the magician Instead, projects that involve purely human actors should be viewed:

Netflix’s The Witcher has a monster problem, as the producers have apparently chosen to exploit live lemurs and squirrel monkeys, among other animals, rather than using modern, human, computer-generated imagery. The entertainment industry typically separates these animals from their mothers prematurely and frustrates their instinctive needs to explore, pick mates, raise young, and forage, which is why cute audiences should skip The Witcher and instead throw a coin to the many movies and shows that feature only the willing human performer.

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