The Real History of Festivus

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Festivus, sometimes called “The Seinfeld Holiday,” is an annual parody holiday celebrated on December 23 and invented for “The Strike,” a 1997 episode of the NBC sitcom. Seinfeld.

In the Seinfeld universe, Festivus was created by Frank’s father George Costanza because he “hated all the commercial and religious aspects of the holidays.” You can flow Seinfeld on Netflix.

How do we celebrate Festivus

Festivus dinner, as shown Seinfeld, four major components: ceremonial pole, broadcasting grievances, feats of power, and tape recording. There are not many details, so feel free to decorate it the way you want.

Festivus dinner

A closer look at Seinfeld The episode reveals that a traditional Festivus dinner consists of meatloaf served on a bed of lettuce, one bowl of peas, one bowl of mashed potatoes, and meat broth in a gravy boat.

You should invite people you barely know you’ve had a fun or weird interaction with lately, like imaginary guys from the racetrack or the person You’re dating looks pretty sometimes and sometimes you don’t. You will never see these people again, as they will be replaced by a man doing something strange with his hand, or that lady who always wears pink.

Festival pole

The Festivus column is made of aluminum and should be unadorned. According to Frank Costanza, the shaft is made of aluminum due to the “high weight of aluminum-relative to strength.” It is unadorned because embellishments are distracting. Andhe Yes you can Buy tycoon Festivus online.

broadcast grievances

Based on the show, the grievances are broadcast by the family patriarch Or the host of a Festivus dinner. Start by saying, “I have a lot of problems with you people,” and then start expressing those grievances, telling your guests all the ways you’ve frustrated them throughout the year. Include everyone at the table. sYou don’t want anyone to feel left out.

feats of strength

Like all Festivus traditions, feats of power are performed on guests by their host. On the show, this feat is an off-screen wrestling match between father and son. The Festivus dinner cannot be over until someone is installed.

He. She’Apparently, feats of strength and the rest of Festivus are designed for Frank to shock and intimidate his family. Even in a fictional context, this is annoying. If you really celebrate Festivus, I hope your kid wins the wrestling match.

Recording device

The Festivus celebrations must be recorded on cassette so that the recordings can be used as incidental material for future episodes of the sitcom in your life.

Is Festivus a real holiday?

What is real anyway? Festivus was made up for a TV show, but every year since 1997, people have been celebrating it. Didn’t every holiday start with someone inventing stupid traditions? So yes, Virginia, there is Festivus.

Who invented real life Festivus?

Festivus was largely created by Seinfeld Writer Dan O’Keefe, whose father actually invented a shocking holiday called “Festivus”.

Unlike the TV version, O’Keefe’s Festivus was celebrated intermittently, on any given date, and was not marked by poles or feats of power. Festivus was the “real” theme. For example, in 1977, the theme for Festivus was “Are we frustrated? Yes!”

Interestingly, the recording organ was an important part of the actual holiday, and the recordings of the O’Keefe’s Festivus celebrations make up a large part of the The Real Festivus: The true story behind America’s favorite decorating holiday, a book written by O’Keefe.

What does “Festivus for the rest of us” mean?

The phrase “Festivus for the rest of us” was coined by O’Keefe’s father. “The rest of us” are the family members who remain after his wife’s death, so “the rest of us” live. It’s a very dark holiday.


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