The Truth About Carrie’s Maxi Dress 

Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw. Jose Perez / Power Griffin / Shutterstock

From the second pictures of Sarah Jessica Parker shooting scenes Sex and the City Biology, and like thatStarting to show, fans found themselves obsessed with fashion, from Fendi baguette bags to Manolo Blahnik pumps.

But when Carrie Bradshaw was spotted in a long dress mistakenly identified as Forever 21, social media went up with people less than elated because the chic city girl from the original series started wearing fast fashion in her fifties.

reaction took and like that Fashion designers Molly Rodgers and Danny Santiago stunned just as much as their objections weren’t subtle. “It was a dress I found five years ago that had no label on it. I just thought, ‘This is a really nice piece,’ I’m going to buy it,” Santiago said exclusively. us weekly. “I think it was five or six dollars. I have kept it in my archives ever since.”

The truth about Carrie's controversial long dress in SATC revival

Carrie Bradshaw in a controversial maxi dress. J Mayer/Shutterstock

When it came to getting started planning Carrie’s wardrobe, Santiago pulled a print maxi, which is likely from an independent brand called Raga, from his archives. “It’s very springy, it’s lightweight, and it has a lovely feel. We’ve put them in Sarah Jessica’s wardrobe to choose from, and we’ve tried and put together,” he explained. “But then again, we had no idea where it came from.”

All bets were off when the paparazzi cut the outfit – it turned into a straight story. People started saying, I know that piece. I know where this piece is. This came from there. This came from here. “It wasn’t an option to put it in, it was just a piece that we thought fit the scene,” Santiago recalls.

Feeling dizzy about Carrie’s wardrobe was less than ideal. “It felt like the first headline came out of what we were doing and I felt like I was wrong,” Rodgers told Stylish. “I was angry. It was the first thing that really came out, and it was negative.”

While the dress likely won’t be Forever 21, who’s to say Carrie is against shopping on a budget? “She can do whatever she wants,” Santiago said. “She’s always been known to wear high and low and mix things up. It would have been the same if Carrie found this dress at the thrift store – she would have bought it, not knowing what the label was and would have enjoyed wearing it just because it was a dress she loved…whether She paid $5 or $5,000 for it, and she appreciated it just as much for what it was and enjoyed wearing it.”

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