‘The Wheel of Time’ Rosamund Pike Discusses Episode 6, Romance Reveal

Below contains spoilers from the December 10 episode of Prime Video wheel of time.

The first season of Prime Video’s wheel of time Adaptation has hitherto been a long, violent and often magical journey from the once safe borders of the two rivers, all the way to the bustling white tower of Tar Fallon, which is surely the most gorgeous setting on the show yet.

Episode 6, titled “The Flame of Tar Valon,” is finally settling in one spot, and certainly lively, with Moiraine (Rosamund Pike) nimbly navigating the eyes of rival Aes Sedai. And while she does so, the leader – or “Amerlin’s seat” – of the Colored Channels, Siwan Sanch (Sophie Okonedo), makes a strong impression from the start.

With only two episodes left in season one, TVLine escalated with Rosamund Pike to discuss Moiraine’s complicated role in the story so far, some context that illuminates behind this week’s romantic reveal, and some intriguing teasers for the next few episodes. And Until the second season which is currently filming.

TVLINE | This week’s episode came across as your biggest so far. But is it safe to say there’s more we’re about to get with Moiraine before the end of Season One?
Yes, this is the episode where you really see the inner struggle with the world of Moiraine and realize that she sacrifices everything for this cause. Suddenly, she realized the reality of the risks to her, both personally and globally. I think that until this point, people may not have fully realized how far she is “going alone”, what the potential danger is for her personally, and what she sacrifices to see this cause to the end – which is why the Dragon was handed over to the Dark One in the final battle.

With the kind of women that seemed really cool and controlling, I think it’s probably kind of the steering wheel for people’s brains to suddenly see underneath all these layers and other things. Hopefully, people will end up with more human respect for Moyeren.

TVLINE | What do you think of the connection between Moiren’s personal life and the job she is clearly passionate about?
Well, the back story is that about 20 years ago, Moiraine had a mentor in the White Tower named Gitara Moroso, who had a vision of a dragon being born again. And it was very strong, the vision, almost as it came from inside But she died with the vision. And it was Maureen and Siwan who were in the room with her when this happened.

I think Moiren approached the issue in a particularly sensible way, because she felt there was so much importance at this moment in giving her this information. She would sacrifice everything to see through what she considered her duty. One of the things she hasn’t revealed to many people, but is clearly preying on her mind, is that whoever comes between the Dragon and the Dark One will The. And I think that’s why Moiraine is preparing to die. And this is unusual for any character, he is very brave and brave.

However you judge Moiraine – and you might imagine she’s a bit cold and sensitive – she’ll suddenly realize in this episode, “Oh, no. She realizes that whoever stands between the dragon and the darkness is going to die, and that’s it. Oh my God, she’s willing to die for this cause.” “. Which is being. The question is who will she take with her? If you couldn’t tell which one of them was a dragon, would you take them all?

TVLINE | This episode deals with what the Blue Aes Sedai are supposed to stand for and what they are assigned to do, to find secrets around the world. How do you think Moiraine fits this role and function for this group?
I can’t talk much about Season 2 just yet, but one of the things I really enjoy is how much we’re beginning to understand about the Blue Ajah, and how far away their informant is. There is a reason that they have such a reputation for being the followers of causes and the trader of information, and for being knowledgeable, perhaps, more than any other Ajah. It’s similar to the MI-6 type [Laughs]. The world of MI-6, with huge networks of informants and people, either through fear, coercion, bribery, respect, and any number of ways people get information.

She has many, many people at her job, so in Episode 5, when Lan says, “If they’re there, we’ll find them. If they’re in Tar Fallon, we’ll find them. And if they’re not, we’ll find them,” it seems very informal, but of course it is. will Find them. It has the means to track people down. You obviously like books, so do you remember them Eye of the world Where do you give these codes to boys?

TVLINE | Well, I was looking for those.
This allows it to track them. We don’t have that on the series, but she does have other ways to follow people. But yeah, I think Blue Ajah is the one I’d be too if I were to be Aes Sedai. [Laughs] We have these erratic discussions, at times… I won’t name names, but we definitely have Esseday who’s like, “I think my character in another life would have chosen differently.” But Moyrin and I are definitely happy to be blue.

TVLINE | It sounds like you’re steeped in tradition at this point, which should be pretty fun. But what is your process for even reading this character? Do you take notes?
Yes, I take notes and go back to books. I often think, “Did I get it wrong?” And then, I think, ‘Oh, I wish I did who – which Like this is. But the nice thing about the series is that you still have opportunities, always, to keep layering in the details. So if I miss something, I don’t put it too hard because I think I have time to add that color.”

Also, you know, there are some things that we go beyond books. I don’t think of Eye of the worldFor example, you see Moiraine’s doubt very clearly, and I think there’s a greater chance of showing where, in Season 1, Moiraine has doubts and fears. In the book, we want it to stay a little off, I think. We jump inside of Beren’s thought processes, and Rand, sort of with Nine Knife, but we don’t really jump inside of Moiren’s head.

But I have a lot of paintings in the air constantly, because I have to lead the story and show you just enough to keep you intrigued. But her job as a blue is to not give up too much, so I have to do that too. Its mutability is what makes it so interesting to me, the fact that you don’t really know where you stand with it. And just when you think you’ve got a little “in”, Moiraine is the kind of person who if she thought she gave you a little very So much, she’ll quickly turn around and push you away again. She couldn’t bear to let anyone get close. Usually anytime she shows some weakness, she will punish a little bit that person who just saw her. I think she needs to work on that in order to control the One Force as well. Because if you can’t control your emotions, you are unlikely to be able to control One Power.

TVLINE | Yes, I expect we’ll see a lot of this incongruity between her and Nynaeve going forward.
exactly. And we did that in developing the way we both weave. Nynaeve’s gameplay is explosive and formidable, but it comes on the back of charged emotions. Moiraine almost did Negates In order to use the same force.

hurry timeTVLINE | I was excited to see Moiraine get some romance in this episode. Really just a life outside of being Aes Sedai.
Did you read new spring?

TVLINE | No, but I’m told that’s where we can really see that side of her that we started early on in the series.
It’s the backstory where we have that story I told you about, with Guitara Moruso, the woman in the White Tower who had the vision. we see [Moiraine] And Siwan’s training, we see her bond Lan, how these two met. And there’s this line that has been a lot of discussion with fans, which is that Siwan and Moiren were “pillow friends.” And what does that mean? There is a lot of controversy about: Is Maureen bisexual? Is she a lesbian? There is plenty of room for discussion.

with the way [showrunner] Rav [Judkins] Choosing to play it, the stakes for this forbidden love are obviously huge. The duty of the seat of an admiral is to have no favours, to love no one, and to have no attachments, except for the throne. It’s more insidious, and more dangerous to show up, than almost any secret you could possibly imagine in their world. And of course that’s exciting for me as an actress because the drama is on the high stakes. I mean no one can know. Start. It is a love that can never really exist because it can never be overt. maybe There is, but it is obviously significantly limited by being hidden. It also shows the depth of the bond of trust between Moiraine and Lan. He is allowed to know.

for this reason [early reveal] Surprised you in a good way?

TVLINE | Definitely, because like I said, this is a great TV. It makes the world feel alive and believable. Of course, at Moiraine –
sex life? [Laughs]

TVLINE | Sex life and … only life!
Even if she only gets it once every 20 years. She’s on the road a lot, and she’s not an easy-to-love woman, I don’t think.

TVLINE | In this episode more than any other, we learn how she can play with words and lie without Lying because she had sworn. Why do you think it’s so secretive with the Dragon Reborn candidates and breaks them up in this episode?
She didn’t set out wanting to break them up. That was not part of the original game plan. I don’t know that it’s as much about keeping potential dragons out as it is about keeping them out of the sight of the other Ice Sidai. This is a more pressing concern. It’s like a wasp’s nest, Tar Fallon and the White Tower. Indeed, news of Nynaeve’s strength faded throughout the tower’s walls.

TVLINE | Can you tease anything about the last two episodes? We seem to be heading towards the Eye of the World, whatever it looks like…
Episode 7 (which airs December 17th) is probably my favourite. We will enter at least four worlds that you have not seen before in the show. You can guess what one is by the end of Episode 6. But then major parts of Robert Jordan’s imagination – whole other climates and worlds we’ve never seen before – develop the story, develop the threat, and heighten the tension. There are also other concepts that open up. I would say that we are suddenly aware of “new concepts of time”. Playing on the idea of ​​the “wheel of time”.

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