THE WHEEL OF TIME’s Showrunner Discusses the Season 1 Finale

wheel of timeThe first season is coming to an end. We have learned the identity of the Dragon Reborn, and the investigation of Moiraine’s decades-long search. The first season is built for this reveal in the seventh episode. It also led to the dragon’s first encounter with an object, seemingly dark, in the world’s eye. The television adaptation of Robert Jordan’s fantasy book series continuously showcased the vast world building in wheel of time With those moments and also with flashbacks. The last one showed us the previous dragon, Lews Therin Telamon, before it caused the Breaking of the World. we talked with wheel of time Showrunner Rafe Judkins is about all this, plus a little more about what to expect in Season 2.

Nerdist: Let’s start with the reborn dragon. The show revealed Rand as the Dragon in Episode VII. But I wondered: Have you explored the idea of ​​turning away from the books and having someone else spawn from a dragon?

Raf Judkins: No, I think the books do something really interesting. The later I get in, the more they talk about Dragon Reborn, the Wheel of Time, the life cycle, the Hero of Light, and what darkness means in a much more philosophical way than is sometimes dealt with early on. employment. We’re trying to get that into the show as well. You see a little of it at the end of season one, and then definitely in season two.

I think these philosophical questions are really interesting. And I won’t change who the Dragon Reborn is, but I think they are interesting questions. I am very interested in the idea that our characters will always wonder what they really know about the world. Because how can they know that something 3,000 years ago is true or false? I think the skepticism really applies to Moiraine, in particular, but also to our other characters and you see that. I saw it in the first season. And it still plays a role going forward, too. Because until you see definitive proof, how can you be 100% sure? This question will continue to rise in width.

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end of the book Eye of the world It’s famous, confusing, and messy. Can you talk about putting that on the screen and making the change to Rand and Moyren just to go to the eye?

One of the first things I did when I started talking to Harriet and the widow of Robert Jordan and Brandon [Sanderson] ABOUT: What things would Robert Jordan change about the books with “hindsight 20/20?” They both talked about Mat and Perrin’s introduction, and how those characters crystallized earlier in the show than they did in the books.

Then another thing they talked about was the end of the first book. I felt when I read it too, [that it] He didn’t necessarily deliver exactly what he was hoping for. There were two things in it that he specifically said he wasn’t happy with. I worked with Brandon to find a way – I hope you won’t understand it until season two – but I hope there was one thing from the books that Robert Jordan hated, we also made an idea on the show. I can’t say more than that, but this would actually make sense.

But I wanted to take it, and take the gist of what’s going on there. Instead of letting Rand do it all, which he does in the books – he fights Beelzamon, then goes to Tarwin’s Gap and strengthens an army of Trollocs, then gets the Horn of Valere. A lot happens to Rand there eventually, but we wanted to try to take it and chop it up for our group.

Give Beren the horn of Valery. Girls can star in Tarwin’s Gap, and also tell their stories on the path they’re going in Season 2. Because Season 2 is all about these individual characters and their individual journey. We needed more in the end to be able to do that. That was the biggest swing, I think, that we took with the edit, was to really take that story and be like: What parts of what’s in the book would make more sense for each of these characters so we could tell that story there. But we tell it through our entire team rather than just Rand.

The result of the end of the meeting seems to be Moiraine calm. He told me about taking her on that journey from beginning season one as a tireless leader, to seeing more vulnerability with Siwan, until now going through this painful thing.

In Season 2, we want every character to face the darkness within. Moiraine’s research is very much about knowing and knowing everything. And then you get that moment, where at the end of the season, she realizes she probably didn’t know everything and wasn’t quite ready, and she starts stripping away all the things that keep Moiraine and Moiraine for season two apart, and you see, “Can she pull herself together again?” ” This was a really interesting question for us. And we see where this character goes… because that’s the character we really need to develop. What they had to do in the second book is very, very, very small. She basically has one class, she and Lan. They’re number one and two on the order sheet and we have Rosamund Pike and Danielle Heaney.

These two actors are so incredible, we’ll be serving them in season two. And so we really tried to look at that chapter in the second book, find what’s out there, which is really this story about the relationship between the two, and what makes it tick, and then take that and expand it into a story season for them in season two. This is how we deal with it. We are shooting it now. And it’s so nice to see you explore this relationship between these two characters and take the time to talk about it throughout the season, rather than just trying to do it in one episode.

Amalisa and Ajlmar prepare for battle in the Wheel of Time
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As Rand and Moiren visit Al Ain, the Battle of Tarwin’s Gap unfolds. It’s the biggest fight of the season but also a very intimate one. How did it feel to find a grounded approach to battle?

We were lucky because our manager Ciaran Donnelly is incredible. He came from years on the Vikings and really knew how to give us life in such a profound way. We will never lose our personalities in it. You never lose track, even Agelmar. I think you’re emotionally attached to him at the wall. Amalisa, you are emotionally attached to her by what you do to the women who defend the city. So he did an amazing job making sure that this emotional connection was there throughout this truly gigantic fight.

And to see Amalisa take over a lot of one’s power when we learn the story of Mantherin and Queen Eldrin…

We needed to tell the story on the screen of what it looked like. The burning of women is clearly becoming important as the book series continues. Seeing it visually and really getting people to understand what that means was an important part of season one.

Lews Therin arguing with Ladra in The Wheel of Time
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Well, jump back into the cold outdoors. Flashback introduces the previous dragon, Lews Therin Telamon. He shows us a glimpse into the completely different world of the age of myths. How did you find out?

The thing I wanted to do in season one was try to show, for non-fans of the book, I want to show all the cool things about wheel of time. I want to see more of Aes Sedai and the things you think of the whole series that you love wheel of time This makes it unique from other fictional things. Because I think the story of the first book is in danger of being somewhat derived from Lord of the rings for how non-derivative wheel of time Series. I thought one of those pieces was the age of mythology and the idea of ​​shattering the world. And this, in fact, our story takes place after the existence of this future society. So I wanted to find a way to show that in the show.

Then I think one of the most interesting things about the books is this dichotomy between men and women that you’ve always felt. You realize it’s out there in the world, but what was the moment when that meltdown happened? This scene is clearly described in the books. It’s not quite as it happens in the show. You’ve never seen it on screen in books, but we know it happened. For me, it was a great moment to make Lews Therin, who it is and what it means. We also see a bit of Rand in him clearly and the relationship between these two characters.

The actor even watched Josha’s performance to try and skillfully use some of Josha’s marks in his performance as Liz Threin. This, I think, gives a real world expansion wheel of time And it shows people about reincarnation, about the age of myths, about the breaking of the world, about the division between men and women, and why all Ice sedans are women. All of these sort of things are in this one scene. I felt it could help us show a lot of what’s to come to non-book lovers.

Just that visual of “that’s what the world used to be like.”

Yes, there are flying cars.

Do you expect to tell more about the story of Louis Train in season two?

Through the series, we will definitely see more of Lews Therin’s story. I think it’s a really important piece. I can’t say much about the second season, but this story is told.

The arrival of the ships, Seanchan, in the finale of Wheel of Time Season 1
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While I ask about the second season. Seanchan is rolling in at the end of season one!

Yes. Seanchan is amazing. That’s why we put them at the end of season one. I love this narrative device in the second book. It just slaps you in the face and makes you realize that you are definitely not reading a fictional series that you have read before. The way the story is told with Seanchan is so new and different in the books, you really wouldn’t expect it. I wanted to play it the same way on the show where you really are — I think non-book fans would be like, “What just happened?”

This is what we want them to feel. Because that’s how you feel when Seanchan comes in the books. And when they arrive in season two, they pray.

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