The Witcher Fans Unhappy Over Season 2 Deleted Scene

Netflix revealed an unfinished deleted scene the magician The second season, and many fans of the series are not happy with broadcaster Lauren Hissrich and his colleagues. I decided to cut it. In other words, people loved the scene and wish it was in season two. However, it is not now online for your viewing pleasure. As you can see, it features a brief scene between Triss and Geralt talking about Ciri.

If you check out the quote tweets for the tweet below, you’ll see that they express disappointment in general. As for the reason for cutting the scene, we do not know. It sure wasn’t the only cut from season two. It is standard practice to not only cut scenes in post-production, but cut a lot of scenes. Since there were no obvious issues with the scene, it was assumed that it was just to save time, but for now, that’s just an assumption.

Below, you can check out the scene for yourself, courtesy of Redanian Intelligence:

As always, we will keep you updated. If more information is made available about the deleted scene and why Season 2 was excluded from the show, the story will be updated accordingly.

the magician Both Season 1 and Season 2 are currently streaming on Netflix and Netflix only. For more coverage on the show – including not just the latest news but the latest rumors, leaks and speculation – click here.

the magician Season two improves on the original in almost every way,” reads an excerpt from our review of the game. “Many new additions manage to flesh out the world and its myths even more, and for the core four, they embrace characters in new ways by delving into their humanity and weaknesses. and their fear. The result is an unmissable television season, one that any fan of the franchise should delight.”


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