The Witcher Netflix Kids Show Spin-Off First Clues

Geralt of Rivia wields his sword-work on a series of wooden poles against a gray sky.

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the magicianIt was very much expected the second season Finally debuting on Netflix This Friday, but there are many the witcher-Nice to come. After the prequel TV series, the second anime movie, the third season has already been announced From the main show, there is also Children’s series On the road. It was a surprising announcement given the world the magician It’s full of graphic violence, sex, and some pretty dark looks – but now we’ve got a little proof of how the witcher View may work.

Talk to IGNModel Lauren Schmidt discussed how her cast will handle the series:

“[It’s] Not to say we’re going to take this universe, and then strip all the blood, all the sex, and all the violence and then give it to the children. For me, the thing that attracted the most in the magician, apart from the fact that it is a family, all moral themes are [author Andrzej] I have Sapkowski there. His short stories, for example, are fairy tales. Fairy tales are also written for children. There is a way of adapting these themes and these stories, with different characters of course, which lay the foundation for the world of the Witcher.”

Schmidt is pretty right about the Sapkowski short stories… but that doesn’t really mean that the children’s show will be able to feature blood, sex, and violence. TV-PG rating still needs to be achieved if parents are going to allow their children to watch it. However, those original fairy tales – written centuries before the sterile Disney versions that effectively replaced them in pop culture – certainly featured children dying in horrific ways, and the show seems to be true to that spirit, if nothing else. :

Nor will we shy away from some of the more controversial parts of it. We’ve talked a lot about how the lawn driveway looks in this, because we need it. Without trying weed is not so the magician. So these are conversations we’re constantly having, but I know there’s a way to do it.”

If you’re not familiar with The Trial of the Grasses, it’s the first test a pre-Witcher takes to become a full-fledged Witcher. In the books, it’s so deadly and frightening, it requires injecting a secret blend of herbs (honorary weeds), chemical potions, and mutants directly into the veins of paralyzed candidates. I will leave the witcher fan wiki Explain the process because… descriptive:

Most followers died on the third day. The survivors, agitated by the blows of sudden insanity, will fall into a deep stupor. Their eyes turned to glass, their hands reached for any nearby clothes, their breathing loud and hoarse. After they are given the elixir again, the children’s cough develops into vomiting. They also suffered fits, while cold sweat ran down their skin. And thus weaker, the followers fought with mutants, herbs and viruses that penetrated their bodies. When they woke up by the seventh day, their eyes had already turned cat-Like. No more than three or, at best, four out of ten survived; The rest died in agony.”

This, ah, is so much more brutal than a little blood on the screen, and it looks like it would definitely need to be tempered to be a TV-PG –BAs Schmidt herself said, “Without trial weeds are not the magician. It will be interesting to see how this ends up being dealt with.

However, it ends up filming the trials, and it looks like the show will follow a group of potential young Witcher novices as they go through their training. This is presumably set in the Wolf School of Kaer Morhen, to connect the series with the main protagonist Geralt. However, by the time events the magician Rolling over, the school lost the ability to create new Witchers, so the children’s series needs to either take place in the past or be set in one of the other Witcher schools, of which there are many.

Wherever the show is set up, it looks like it’s going to be a Witcher High School type of drama, and it’s not that tempting. However, the magician So good that the team making the solo show definitely deserves the benefit of the doubt, no matter how many or no children have passed away.

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