There’s major Mr. Gay World drama as winner gives up title amidst accusations / Queerty

Gay World 2021 Louw Breytenbach expressed his thanks, but no thanks, for the title a few weeks after his victory.

The 31-year-old South African human rights activist won the competition on October 30, but revealed through his publicist that his relationship with Mr Jay World’s organization has since “deteriorated” due to contractual disputes.

Breytenbach was surprised when he realized that Mr. Gay World, which he refused to sign, states that the organization will be his exclusive agent for any representation reservations or parties. He already has an agent for TV roles, and he’d like to keep it that way.

“I don’t need them to manage any TV opportunities I get,” he said. “My suggestion is that they manage me based on the opportunities related to the competition and my role as Mr. Gay World.”

Breytenbach further claims that the initial contract he received vaguely referred to “the reward,” but that any mention of payment has been removed from the amended version.

He also abstained from the clause providing for a fine of €5,000 in the event that he steps down from the position of Mr. Jay World during his tenure in that position.

He said, “This punishment is illegal.” “What if they break the contract, should I pay the fine? It doesn’t make sense.”

Then there was his unease about “the organization’s inability to audit when they refused to disclose how the funds were used for Mr. Jay World’s foundation”.

I think it’s my right to know what’s going on [the] The money I raise for the organization as Mr. Gay World. Who benefits from each [these] care? “

The contract has caused him to worry that his image is being “misused”, according to reports Citizen.

“I am disappointed that I really thought the Mr Gay World competition was a platform I could use to expand my charitable work,” Breytenbach said. “I also thought they had the interests of the LGBTQI+ community at heart. Unfortunately, I was wrong.”

Mr. Guy World issued this response:

Mr. Jay World confirms that it has received the resignation of the current defending champion, Le Breitenbach of South Africa, following a contract dispute, despite our best attempts to resolve the matter amicably and reasonably.

We also note the unfortunate press release issued on behalf of Mr. Breytenbach which includes a series of defamatory allegations about the organization and its officials.

We vehemently refute these allegations and completely reject Mr. Breytenbach’s version of events as he described them. Mr. Gay World is meeting with his legal team to determine what steps to take and will not issue any further comment at this time.

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