Thousand-Year Blood War Release Date, Trailer & Plot

Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War brings to life the final installment of the manga, reviving the anime ten years after its conclusion.

Once part of the trinity of the popular shonen anime and manga, ovary He didn’t have the same longevity of either of them Piece or even Naruto. This means that the last major manga arc, Thousand Years Blood War, was never modified in the original anime once this show was cancelled. Fortunately for fans, they finally had the opportunity to watch this story in motion.

Bleach: blood for a thousand years War brings the final part of the manga story to life, and revives the anime ten years after its conclusion. Those who read the manga version of the arc years ago or just watched the anime will likely want to settle for what to expect from the real final season. Here’s a look at how the bloody stuff gets in A thousand years blood war And when will fans expect it?

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The Bleach Conspiracy: The Bloody War of a Thousand Years

Bleach holes blood war plot a thousand years

The plot of the seventeenth season of ovary It will move past the previous version from 2012, splitting it into an excerpt from the eponymous story source material. Last season proved the existence of Quincy, who were eternal enemies of the Shinigami who were hidden after their defeat.

The Wandenreich, a group within Quincy, will rise up to strike back at the Shinigami and the Soul Society, resulting in an all-out war between the two factions. The realm of the Soul Society is also under siege from a dramatic glitch in Destroying Hollows. All this conflict puts Ichigo back in action, forcing him to become even stronger in order to meet his biggest challenge yet.

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Trailer for Bleach: A bloody war for a thousand years

The first trailer was recently released for Bleach: a bloody war for a thousand years. The trailer gave a glimpse into the enhanced revival animation and art quality, while also showing off the characters fans will be familiar with. Hazel Fernandez’s “Number One” rocking jam has also been heard, adding to the excitement of the upcoming series. Beyond that, however, not much has been shown, keeping the final season mostly under wraps for now.

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News you should know

Biology ovary The anime was announced back in March of 2020, with it stated that its reveal was part of the celebration of the 20th anniversary of ovary The manga and the franchise as a whole. The new season was solidified as the adaptation of the Thousand Years Blood War and ending the story that the anime did not end abruptly. The ad also informed fans of an upcoming art exhibition at the time dedicated to ovary, which recently showcased art for the franchise from various mangakas. This exhibition and the promotional images in it confirmed that the final season is a real season and not another type of animation project.

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Bleach release history: A bloody war for a thousand years

The trailer shown in Jump Festa for Bleach: a bloody war for a thousand years He revealed that the season will be released in 2022, but that was a bit of a mystery to fans who have been chomping down a bit to see this story adapt for years. Fortunately, there is now a more definitive timeline for the show’s release, although it is certainly far away.

According to Twitter, The blood war that lasted a thousand years It will start broadcasting in October 2022. Fortunately, this gives fans plenty of time to come back and watch all the anime so far, but also read ovary manga to see how its final arc mods will compare to the original. Although waiting The blood war that lasted a thousand years Seems like it’s long, fans will be able to enjoy the revived series soon enough.

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