Tisa Becomes Fan Favorite After Pushing Tammy Slaton

Tami Slaton’s Effort To Exercise And Eat Healthy 1000 lb sisters Fans have been annoyed. But in season three of TLC, Tammy hires Tisa, a home nurse, to help her with daily activities. Over time, Tisa starts pushing Tammy in a way that fans are totally here.

Tisa on “1000 Pound Sisters” | TLC

Tesa pushes Tammy to swim on ‘1,000-pound sisters’

Ever since Tammy brought in Tisa, she’s been talking about wanting to go to the beach. However, anytime Tessa mentioned he was walking, even just to the mailbox, Tammy refused. In the last episode, Tisa manages to convince Tammy to go to a water aerobics class. Immediately after Tammy got into the water, her behavior completely changed.

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