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except: Slight spoiler alert. When the first two episodes of Paramount Taylor Sheridan + Yellowstone prefix 1883 Getting the premiere of their concert tomorrow at Wynn Las Vegas, there will be a very familiar face in episode two. A famous image of the carnage appears at the brutal Civil War battle at Antietam, with Tim McGraw’s character James Dutton lifting himself from the ground after the concussive conflict. A Confederate officer, Dutton can’t help but sit in a daze as he previews death all around him. As Union forces approached, a clad hand fell on Dutton’s shoulder. Looking up is a sympathetic three-star general, inspired by General George Meade. He’s played by two-time Academy Award winner Tom Hanks. This follows an electric scene with Billy Bob Thornton as a no-nonsense sheriff in Fort Worth, Texas who shows nothing to a group of horse thieves committing crimes against a caravan of settlers heading west to Montana.

How does Hanks happen? Sheridan told me that there will be many surprises for the stars throughout the first season of 1883, this saga that swept lonely pigeon, which premieres on Sunday, December 19. A former character actor turned prolific series author/writer, Sheridan is having a real moment with the ever-increasing ratings and audience loyalty to Yellowstone. Now that he’s become a powerful creator of Paramount+, Sheridan is using the momentum to get some of his favorite actors to participate. He just secured Sylvester Stallone for the tournament Kansas City, a series performed by soprano Vet Terence Winter. Some familiar faces will appear in short periods, like Hanks. A history lover who collaborated with Paul Greengrass on world News Also set in the post-Civil War era, Hanks shoots his car 1883 A scene on a day in late September, outside Weatherford, Texas.

At the Battle of Antietam, a total of 22,717 soldiers on both sides were reported killed, wounded, or missing, making it the bloodiest day in American history. 1883 Stars McGraw, Faith Hill, Sam Elliott, Isabel May and Lamonica Jarrett.

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