Tom Holland makes good on his promise to boy who saved his sister from dog attack

He promised a little boy who saved his sister from a dog attack in 2020 that a young Spider-Man fan would be able to visit the set of “Spider-Man: No Way Home” and he did just that.

Bridger Walker was only 6 years old when he jumped into action to save his 4-year-old sister. The siblings were playing outside their home in Wyoming when a German Shepherd mix rushed toward Walker’s sister and interfered. He then underwent a two-hour surgery that required more than 90 stitches, his family said in a statement to CNN at the time of the July 2020 incident.

Celebrities such as Anne Hathaway, Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo and Holland have sent messages on social media and in private to Walker, praising his bravery. Holland invited him to do some virtual reality slingshots on the web.

Walker’s father shared photos and a video from the specific visit. In one post, Walker was seen performing a stunt with Holland who was dressed in a Spider-Man suit.


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