Tom Holland Needs Lube To Get Out Of Spider-Man Suit

Tom Holland stopped Late Night with Seth Meyers On Thursday evening, a representative of Spider-Man came bearing gifts. The biggest scene, of course, was the opening scene of Spider-Man: There is no room for home. Immediately pick up where away from home After he stops, Dutch Spider-Man finds his secret identity has been revealed by J. Jonah Jameson (JK Simmons), who has apparently been in the Marvel Cinematic Universe the whole time? But there’s no time for that as the city’s onlookers begin to recognize Zendaya’s MJ as a girlfriend of Peter Parker, prompting our hero to quickly pounce on her and drag her into the streets. Unfortunately, he leaves her standing precariously on top of the bridge, which may not have been the safest option, and she certainly lets Peter know.

After the clip, Holland spoke with Myers and revealed that the group should keep a bottle of lube ready because, sometimes, getting out of Spidey’s super-tight suit doesn’t go as planned. According to Holland, they just spray some lube on their “zips,” and that’s what gets things moving.

However, the Netherlands also revealed it There is no place for home In the age of Covid, so the lubricant bottle caused some hilarious moments when people mistakenly thought it was hand sanitizer. Holland swears that this only happened to two people, Marvel producer Mitch Bell and a boomer, but the Spidey star doesn’t deny that slip was “golden.”

Spider-Man: There is no room for home Presses in theaters December 17th.

(via Late Night with Seth Meyers)


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