Tom Holland Reveals His ‘Secret Weapon’ for Playing Spider-Man

No Way Home star Tom Holland reveals that he uses a secret weapon to make his portrayal of Spider-Man feel youthful and emotional under the mask.

Spider-Man: There is no room for home Star Tom Holland has a unique secret weapon that he uses to capture Spidey’s feelings.

before releasing There is no place for homeHolland appeared on Hot Ones to answer questions about the techniques he uses when playing Spider-Man. Holland revealed that he relies on his body to convey complex emotions to make up for covering his face. “It’s definitely difficult,” he said. “I mean, as an actor, you use your facial expression to express feelings, and when you take that away, you have to know how to do that with your body. So if I took off the Spider-Man suit and I acted the way you were in the suit, you’d think I was a crazy person and act way more than Necessary and too big. But cover up your face—suddenly, those bigger reflexes seem normal.”

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Spider-Man’s unique physical presence has been an essential part of the character since his debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. for his introduction in Captain America: Civil WarHolland’s lean build requires him to wear a muscular suit like Spider-Man. However, as an experienced ballet dancer, Holland knew how to use his body to his advantage in his performances. As he puts it, “My secret weapon is that I will always pretend my arms are dead, so when I move, my arms kind of swing. And so Peter Parker’s hands always do the craziest things. And for me, it’s been a really good way to be impressed, making him feel young while Also be in moments of danger and things like that.”

Although Holland has found a creative way to express his feelings, it is not the only problem caused by the Spider-Man mask. In a previous interview, the actor mentioned that covering his face caused real dangers while doing so HomecomingProduce. While filming an action sequence filmed under an exploding tube, Hollande’s mask pooled with water, effectively drowning him. This situation sparked concern from his co-star and real-life partner Zendaya, who was afraid that Holland would suffocate or suffocate.

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Spider-Man mask will be the least of his worries There is no place for home. The movie opens right after the events away from homePeter grapples with revealing his secret identity to the world. Seeking to rectify the situation, Spidey turns to Doctor Strange for help, but footage of There is no place for home Indicates that changing the Strange spell will open portals to Sony’s worlds Spider Man And The Amazing Spider-Man privileges.

Many moviegoers assume that this multiverse plot will bring Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield to the MCU as a translation of the famous wall crawler. If that proves to be the case, the different physical characteristics of each Spider-Man should present a unique scene.

Spider-Man: There is no room for home It hits theaters December 17th.

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