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performer | Tracy Morgan

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the ring | “Payback” (December 21, 2021)

the performance | We’ve all heard the old adage that comedians make the best dramatic actors, but there’s still something wonderful and unexpected about Morgan’s charismatic role. Post OGSeason 4 Final. From Tray’s foolish optimism and gratitude when Percy came to visit him at the Tompkins-Marcy Community Center to his extreme disappointment when a suspected criminal tried to gain his former financial favour, Morgan physically and emotionally focused with every high and every low tray.

The most impressive is that SNL And 30 rocks The vet made us believe that his alter ego really wanted to do his best for his twins Amira and Shahzad, who were both graduating from high school, as well as his community. On the one hand, you could say that society tried to help him too, when Javi shot and killed Percy for threatening Tray with a butcher’s knife. While Cobb tells us Morgan that Tray was touched by the well-meaning help, his sunken brow indicates the ex-offender’s immediate need for child protection so that the act doesn’t wipe out Javi’s future the way drug dealing did when Tray was his age.

That’s why Morgan made Tray’s voice explode with fear and determination when he nervously ordered Jaffe to give him the gun and run to a boxing camp in Poconos. “You’ve never been here before, do you understand me?” The actor screamed before clumsily pulling Javi for a tight hug and visibly preparing for the worst. After Javi left, sweat gathered around Morgan’s temples as his eyes and hands raced to wipe the gun clean, but it suddenly settled when the character quietly slipped the gun through a nearby sewer. Unbeknownst to Tray, the police will be visiting sooner than expected because security footage caught him on camera but not Javi.

Until then, Trey hurried to get Amira and Shahzad out and cried. Not only because his only son called him a hero as he spoke—a compliment no Chinese thought he had won—but as his painting so beautifully conveyed, the grieving father cried because he realized that this happy moment was as fleeting as his freedom.

honorary | We are sorely missing Barry Two and a half years since the last new episode, folks! – So it was great to see Bill Hader back on HBO this week curb your enthusiasm…three of it actually. Hader played antiques dealer Igor, as well as the laughing hotel concierge Gregor, as well as the goulash-thrower Timur, all with the same ambiguous Eastern European accent. Larry was convinced they were all related, but insisted they weren’t – even though they all tend to call things “shplendid”. Roar slid smoothly inward SNL Laying out the graphic with the undeniably amusing and broad characterization(s), it delivered as well as it did during one of Larry’s trademark brawls about absolutely nothing. It’s not a new season BarryBut we’ll take it.

honorary | Not to put a very good point on it, but hookClint lives or dies in the end depending on how honest Yelena is in realizing his penance. Fortunately for Clint, Jeremy Renner extracted a decade of bonding on the big screen between Clint and Natasha as he worked to convince Jelena that her late sister wouldn’t be denied the chance to sacrifice herself to save the world. “Nothing will stop her,” recalls the bruised Clint. “She made her choice; we will have to find a way to live with that.” As Renner said that last part, the sadness in his eyes said volumes; Even more so when Yelena spoke of her love for Natasha, Clint answered calmly, “Me too.” Add in an early sweet scene between Clint and Kate (in which the latter shared how Archer Avengers inspired her), and all told, Renner hits a really emotional bull’s-eye.

Crone Moore Ovalhonorary | ovalVictoria Franklin was never a gossip sufferer, but she was in an especially rare case this week when she quarreled with the vice president. In fact, the word “quarrel” means that both sides contributed similar efforts. The truth is, Victoria has gutted the sneaky cum completely, with every toxic threat delivered to perfection by Crohn Moore. Her words might have been ugly, like the way she casually referred to the cum’s kids as “those little bastards,” but there was something oddly beautiful about her performance. At this point, the stinging Victoria naturally exhales as she breathes in, and Moore makes her seem effortless. It’s true that this week’s episode was called “The Kids,” because Moore took us all to school.

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