TV Schedule: What to Watch the Week of December 26, 2021

This weekly feature is in addition to TVLine’s daily “must watch” lists and monthly guide to what’s in the live stream.

With nearly 500 scripts now broadcast via broadcast, cable and streamingIt’s easy to forget that your favorite comedy is back, or that a new “prestige drama” you’ve been expecting is about to appear. So consider this our reminder to set up your DVR, order a Season Pass, and introduce a new Memorex into your VCR…whatever it may be.

This week you’ll find nine new and returning series (including Boba Fett book, Cobra Kai And Letterkenny), 12 finals (including the last episodes Unsafe And Landscaping) and a variety of movies and specials (including the highly anticipated Harry Potter Reunion).

Sunday, December. 26
3 am Freak brothers season 1 finale (tubes)
3 am Letterkenny Season 10 premiere (Hulu, all episodes)
8 pm vice Season 8 Final (Showtime)
21:00 condor season two finale (episode, two episodes)
21:00 High Town Season Two Final (STARZ)
10 pm Unsafe Series Finale (HBO)
10:40 PM curb your enthusiasm Season 11 Final (HBO)

Monday, December. 27
3 am Death to 2021 special (Netflix)
8 pm Kids Bread Championship Season 10 premiere (Food Network)
21:00 Landscaping Definitive Limited Series (HBO)
21:00 Year: 2021 Special (ABC)
10 pm Insecure: The End Private (HBO)

Tuesday, December. 28
3 am 2021 Done with Snoop Dogg & Kevin Hart special (peacock)
8 pm Pine’s house Mid-season finale (bet)
8 pm Popstar’s Best of 2021 Special (CW)
8:30 pm assisted living Mid-season finale (bet)
21:00 oval Mid-season finale (bet)
21:00 Super Bob Einstein movie HBO Documentary Premiere

Wednesday, December. 29
3 am boba fett book Series premiere (Disney +)
3 am Crime scene: The Times Square Killer Docuseries Premiere (Netflix, all episodes)
3 am poses Season 3 premiere (Netflix, all episodes)

Thursday, December. 30
3 am The Unlimited Show with Elmo Season Two Final (HBO Max)
3 am young justice Mid-Season Finale (HBO Max)

Friday, December. 31
3 am Cobra Kai Season 4 premiere (Netflix, all episodes)
3 am mixed Season 2 premiere (of the year)
3 am the missing daughter Netflix premiere
3 am Queer Eye Season 6 premiere (Netflix, all episodes)
3 am stay soon Limited Series Premiere (Netflix, all episodes)
8 pm 2021: It’s a toast! Special (NBC)
8 pm Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Party With Ryan Seacrest (ABC)
8 pm New Years Eve Live: Nashville’s Big Bash (CBS)
8 pm Toast and grill on New Years Eve (Fox)
10 pm How about John Wilson? Season Two Final (HBO)
10:30 pm New Year’s Eve Party Hosted by Miley Cyrus and Pete Davidson (NBC)

Saturday, January. 1
3 am Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: ​​Back to Hogwarts Special (HBO Max)
11:30 a.m. Rose Parade (NBC)
2 pm Doctor Who: Eve Deleks Special (BBC America)

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