TV Shows of 2021: Best and Worst Moments

So far at TVLine Year in Review, we’ve been looking at the big picture: the best deals! The most impressive plot twists! The TV performance that outperformed them all!

But now, we’re heading into more detail.

In the attached gallery, we’re giving away some very special superlatives for TV over the past 12 months, highlighting 2021 highlights like the best drama or comedy episodes, underrated shows, and our most sinful small screen fun. Favorite new characters in established series.

Of course, not every series made a great list this year, and some of our awards may be a little less desirable: What is the death of a TV character whose death was unnecessary? Who made the most brief appearance in this year’s lamester appearance? And what on-screen couple chemistry fizzled out instead of buzzing?

You’ll find our answers to these questions in the attached gallery (click here for a direct link), but be sure to leave a comment below and give your opinion of our picks or add your own! And if your passion for detail isn’t quite satisfied yet, there’s good news: Part Two of the Tour Awards will drop on Wednesday, December 22nd.

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