TV Wish List 2022 — Renewals, Guest Stars, Pilots and More

You might have trouble finding a Santa shopping center that’s willing to fulfill all your TV desires for next year — but here at TVLine, we’re all ears.

Back in November, TVLine readers expressed their thanks for their personal TV highlights of the past year, including 11 hours saved from Let everyone stand up And Zoey’s Unusual Playlistwelcome back instinct anatomyAddison’s roster of Apple TV+ shows and the TV industry’s perennial nostalgia for the ’90s, among other things.

But now it’s time to tell us what you want Wants To watch it next year on TV. Do you pray for serial on the bubble for renewal? Have you crossed your fingers that a certain ship is sailing? What is the story you want? End Sooner rather than later?

Here’s how to submit: With the subject line “Wish List” Email (or use the Contact Us page) to share your hopes on the small screen. Once we’ve received your orders, we’ll put together a batch of them at the Holiday Fair on Friday, December 24 (also known as Christmas Eve).

We’ve turned off comments on this post, so again: Email us at, or use the Contact Us page to tell us what TV developments you’d like to see in 2022. We look forward to reading your post!

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