Vegas boss breaks down major Gil and Sara moment

CSI: Vegas Finally giving fans the moment they’ve been waiting for in this week’s season finale, longtime couple Jill Grissom and Sarah Seidel Grissom finally kiss on screen for the first time.

fans CSI The franchise saw Jill (William Petersen) and Sarah (Gorga Fox) become a married couple in Season 1 of Season 1. CSI They appear in 2009, but their relationship was marked by a lack of physical affection on screen.

CSI: Vegas Executive Producer and Showrunner Jason Tracy has now revealed how serious the show team is at this moment Vegas The final episode of Season 1, which sees Jill and Sarah share a kiss while riding a rollercoaster at night.


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“It’s the most intimate thing I’ve ever seen,” he said. Entertainment Weekly. “I hope it feels like a reward to those who have invested in Jill and Sarah’s relationship.

“It was really fun for the two to get married on screen for the first time for a long time. It’s a huge responsibility to take the relationship and bring it all up on screen. But you don’t want to go from 0 to 60. You have to have a slow build.”

Tracy also revealed that the romantic scene, as well as other small “stolen moments” from the characters’ intimacy during the season, were much wanted by fans – and seeing them is something Tracy takes very seriously.

“Love these fans!” He said. “They know these characters better than I do. We can all benefit from putting her in the driver’s seat. I think that paid off.”

Jill and Sarah Grayson, CSI Las Vegas


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CSI: Vegas Six years after the original show wrapped in 2015 and promised to open “a whole new chapter in the city where it all began,” with a number of the original stars returning to their roles.

It is not yet confirmed whether the show will be renewed for a second season.

CSI: Vegas It is broadcast on CBS in the United States. No British radio station has been announced yet.

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