Vincent D’Onofrio on Returning as Kingpin and His Character’s Fate

Editor’s note: The interview below contains spoilers for Hawkeye’s season finale, “So This Is Christmas?”.

hook, which premieres November 24 on Disney+, captures the ongoing story of the MCU after two years of changing conditions in the universe. Avengers: Endgame. Clint Barton (Jeremy RennerHe hopes to spend a quiet and peaceful Christmas with his family, but those plans are quickly derailed when his path intersects with Kate Bishop’s.Hailee Steinfeld), a skilled archer who has a personal history with Hawk. The series also promises to follow the fallout from the MCU movie Black Widowwhich Yelena Belova witnessed (Florence Boge(mistakenly led them to believe that Clint was responsible for Natasha Romanov)Scarlett Johansson) Death in Former. The show also stars Vera FarmigaAnd of feesAnd Tony DaltonAnd dental mclarenoneAnd Brian Darcy James, And Alaqua Cox, as well as Jolt the Golden Retriever as Lucky the Pizza Dog.

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After the season ends, “Is this Christmas?” , Had the opportunity of a Collider to chat with him Vincent Donofrio, who returned to the MCU for the Disney+ series by reprising the role of Wilson Fisk, aka Kingpin. During the brief interview, D’Onofrio clarified whether this version of Kingpin is a continuation of the character we already know from Marvel Netflix shows and what Fisk’s mindset is like after the events of Blip. Avengers: Endgame. He also talks about whether he thinks Kingpin survived that final showdown with Maya (Cox) and his feelings about the prospect of a comeback sound echo Spinoff series.

Collider: Going back to Kingpin, do you consider it a different iteration of the character with a different backstory or do you view it as a continuation of the Wilson Fisk we already know?

Vincent Donofrio: I think it’s definitely a continuation, as if it makes no difference to me. There is a different physical strength. The fact that he could be subjected to more violent abuse, and physical abuse varies, but it’s very clear with writers, producers, and directors that I’m continuing the same guy who was on the series a few years ago, in reckless. His love life, deals with the pain of his childhood. This is how it works and it still works. And it doesn’t matter if he’s enjoying himself or if he’s having a rough time in life, no matter what happens in any scene. It always comes through events that happened as a child. This is the same character for me.

And I definitely knew that this happened after Blip and that he has less power than he had and wants to take back his city for her hook. And this is how I dealt with it. I’m thinking in my mind – I don’t know how they think about it in Marvel in general, but in my opinion, I think they connect as many dots as possible in the canon material and to the canonical state of mind, some can’t connect the dots but most are easy to connect. And I think that’s what they’re trying to do and doing.

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I definitely have to ask you about that final scene with Maya, that final showdown, because it leaves quite a bit in the air in terms of your character’s fate. When you were called to repeat the role, was it made clear to you hook Was it just the beginning of Kingpin’s return to the MCU?

Donofrio: I can comment personally. I can’t comment on any fact because they don’t tell me. So, it made me hope it would continue and still make me feel that way. I mean in my mind she definitely shot him. I got away from recklessAt first I thought, “Maybe he’ll come back somehow.” And then pretty quickly after that, I thought I’d be gone for good. So I’ve always wished because of the fans wanting him back and everyone, I wish I could come back. So I feel the same way now.

I will say, there is a minor component of the Echo that was announced. I’m sure you realize. So this looks like a good opportunity to see more of Wilson Fisk in the future.

Donofrio: I think it would be great. I remember comic jogging. It was one of my favorite things, the father-daughter relationship between him and Maya, and I would like to have the opportunity to do that.

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