Watch the trailer for Matt Berry’s ‘Toast Of Tinseltown’

The first trailer for . has been released Toast from Tinseltown Starring Matt Perry.

The series is a sequel to Channel 4. London toast, sees eccentric actor Stephen Tost (Perry) venturing into Hollywood to try to make it big.

As shown in the trailer below, he’s been promised a role in the next star Wars The project, although there will likely be some complications in his quest to break America.

The synopsis of the show reads: “Steven Tost, actor, voice artist, and legend of the London theater scene, has reached the climax of the London theatrical scene. After a violent final confrontation with his old opponent Ray Purchase (Harry Peacock), he decides to set out for a new life in the States USA, where he was promised a “leading role” in one of Hollywood’s major films.

“On his way to make it big in America, he meets a very angry director, hits a TV series playing a doctor, nibbles the ear of a Hollywood celebrity, gets lost in the desert… He may be out in London, but he never runs out of misfortune.”

London toast It ran for three series from 2013 and was originally broadcast on Channel 4, with the entire series now available to stream on BBC iPlayer.

Toast from Tinseltown Commissioned by the BBC, with the first of six episodes showing on 4 January 2022 on BBC Two and BBC iPlayer at 10pm.

Perry is also set to return in a fourth series of What do we do in the shade?, the FX comedy series vampire mockumentary based on the 2014 film Taika Waititi and Jermaine Clement.

Speaking about the revamp, Nick Grad, FX’s Head of Original Programming, said: “Fans don’t seem to be getting enough of What do we do in the shade? And FX is ready to satiate that appetite by preparing the series for a fourth season.

“Thank you to the exceptional work of the creative team, cast and crew who continue to make an amazing show even better every season.”

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