Watch Wheel of Fortune Contestant Lose a Car On a Technicality

The wheel of fortune wasn’t spinning in one rider’s favor this week.

Tuesday, December 21 wheel of fortune racer Charlene Robusch She was on top of her game when she hit the bonus round of the show with $16,500 already in her pocket. Then, a late and correct answer to the final puzzle cost her the loss of the all-new Audi Q3.

In the Video, Robosch first guesses the answer incorrectly, then solves it correctly – but with a long pause in the middle – just as the bell rings. (To maximize confusion, the puzzle’s answer was “choose the right word”.)

This long layover cost her everything.

show hostess, Pat Sack |He was the one who spread the bad news. “You know, that’s hard, because you said all the right words, including the word ‘word,’ but, you know, you have to be somewhat communicative,” he explained.

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