‘We were uncomfortable being recorded’: Saboor Aly hits back at video making rounds on Instagram – Celebrity

Actors Sabour Ali and Ali Ansari got engaged earlier this year and since then, people have loved seeing pictures and videos of them together. But recently, a “fan” took it too far and photographed her on the dance floor at a wedding.

In the video, they got into what appears to be a heated argument and came out patient.

The video was posted by Diva magazine On his Instagram account, many of his followers were unhappy with them due to their intrusion into the couple’s personal matters and violating their privacy. Hours later, she replied to me via her Instagram stories and said that their discussion was about the public photographing her at a private event. Hint.

“Ali and I did not rest [sic] “People are recording us without our consent but we still have a lot of fun,” she said, ending her explanation by thanking people for all the “love and concern” that appears under this post.

the periods The actor and her fiancé were at Shendi sister Maryam Ansari where they happily performed the usual mehndi dance numbers accompanied by close friends from the industry.

Whoever registered it does not seem to understand the concept of privacy, personal space, and consent. We wish people would prioritize these concepts because celebrities are human first with their own limits. It shouldn’t have taken a patient reply to me via Instagram Stories to let us know this wasn’t OK.

Signing someone like this is never good, even when they’re public figures. The media should also know what videos are appropriate to share and what are not. We’re glad people liked the video as well and let the post know. Let them enjoy mehndi without having a camera that records their every move!

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