Westworld season 4, Barry, and 2022 releases get HBO Max first looks

December 22 movie premiere Resurrection Matrix On HBO Max wraps up a precarious year as all major WarnerMedia theatrical releases simultaneously arrive on the streaming platform. The results of the experiment are unknown. A few Warner Bros. movies have come out. Pictures hit the US box office as if it were an exclusive in a play, but it likely led to a boom in HBO Max’s growing subscriber base. But in 2022, Warner Bros. resumed. Pictures and HBO Max business as usual, with major releases only heading into multiplex and Max becoming the home of streaming content. In a new reel for the 2022 slate, HBO Max is hoping this isn’t a bad thing.

HBO’s fit slate of 2022 mostly includes a comeback Westworld, with the fourth season with the return of the little thief character Aaron Paul. The video also confirms the release of 2022 season 3 of Bill Hader BarryAnd also the new seasons Its dark matter And Nevers. The trailer also highlights new footage from January suicide squad Role peace makerled by zendaya tranceThe new Game of Thrones series Dragon Houseand the anticipated documentary drama by Adam McKay Winning Time: The Rise of the LakersStarring John C. Reilly.

On the side of HBO Max originals, the reel contains fragments of footage from the second seasons of hostess And Raised by wolves, the pretty little Liars Role original without, new shot time traveler’s wife, A long pregnancy animation Gremlins: Secrets of the Mogwai.

Perhaps most interesting is the end of the party, which teases a number of WB originals that will hit the platform in 2022. Like Netflix, HBO Max hopes to attract films with smaller budgets that fill in the gaps in the blockbuster volume of our theatrical moment. On the slate is a remake of house party; The new Latin version of Gary Al-Azraki father of the bride Starring Andy Garcia, Gloria Estefan, and Adria Arjona; Steven Soderbergh new movie Fromstarring Zoe Kravitz; And moon shots, a science fiction rom-com starring Cole Sprouse and Lana Condor.

Now to find time to watch all this stuff…

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