What Happened to Josh Hartnett? Taking a Step Back From Hollywood Was ‘the Best Thing’ for His Mental Health and Career

It was the early 2000s when Hollywood dubbed the actor “the new Tom Cruise.” Then Josh Hartnett appeared on the big screen and almost immediately became a movie sensation. But just as quickly as Hartnett rose to stardom, he vanished. He walked away from Hollywood altogether, and the industry criticized his decision to do so. But fans can be excited about Hartnett’s possible return to the cinema. He’s back in the spotlight once again and given interviews to talk candidly and honestly about the Hollywood divide. It turns out that his breakup from the big screen was the “best thing” of his career and mental health. Keep reading to find out more about what happened to Josh Hartnett.

Josh Hartnett started with prominent roles

Josh Harnett | Dave Jehogan / Getty Images

Joshua Daniel Hartnett is a St. Paul, Minnesota native who graduated from South High School in Minneapolis in 1996, according to his IMDb profile. He attended SUNY Purchase in New York and was able to get his first TV gig by April of 1997. His role as Michael Fitzgerald in the series Cracker: Mind over murder It was short lived. But he soon got some business opportunities, and Hollywood noticed the handsome young actor.

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