What to Watch This Week: ‘Don’t Look Up!,’ ‘Unforgivable,’ and ‘Red Rocket’

Some of the best actors of our generation are returning to our screens this week. Sandra Bullock, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep, Sarah Jessica Parker, and many of Hollywood’s biggest stars are back with all new shows to wrap up the year with a hit. starry do not search! Coming in theaters on Friday, December 10, it will be the first time we’ll see DiCaprio and Lawrence working together, and the Netflix movie also features Kid Cody, Jonah Hill and Ariana Grande shows.

Bullock returns to Netflix with unforgivableDrama about a woman trying to piece her life together after 20 years in prison. Both tiger king and S.The former and the city Elstan is getting new spin-offs this week, as Steven Spielberg shares his remake of the classic West side story With the world on Friday. Die-hard movie and TV fans know that the coming weeks of December bring plenty of entertainment. While this year’s best movies and TV shows lists may already have the chosen contenders, 2021 isn’t over yet. Check out our picks for the TV and movies coming out this week that should definitely be on your watch lists.

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