‘Wheel of Time’ Season 2 Plans, With Amazon’s ‘Lord of the Rings’

wheel of time It’s the bargain, judging by the early numbers. With the final coming on Friday, December 24, the big question is: Where will Season 2 land on Prime Video’s list to add in 2022? the Lord of the Rings into its ranks?

As reported by Nielsen, Prime Video adaptation of Robert Jordan wheel of time The fantasy saga has amassed 1.16 billion watched minutes across its first three episodes, and easily topped the US rankings for streaming original series. In doing so, it became the second most-watched broadcast series since then hunters In February 2020. wheel of time It was already for the second season, way back in May.

TVLine spoke with Vernon Sanders, president of global television at Amazon Studios, about the debut of the well-watched fantasy series, how its weekly release works, and where it fits into Prime Video’s ever-growing slate of genre television.

TVLINE | When after a show like wheel of time First performances in the office do you see things trending in like very Right direction?
We track our content in many ways, and I must say, wheel of time It was very cool. It’s great to see not only the sheer numbers of people who watched the show, but since the amazing premiere, we’ve also tracked tremendous growth, which is very encouraging for the future of this show. New people come on board and check out the show, and new people track it down week after week. We are seeing these same patterns not only in the USA. But all over the world. From a layman’s perspective, it’s a show with great staying power.

TVLINE | So there is no pulling from watching the premiere to Episode 3? People stay around?
The metrics released by Nielsen, obviously those were only for the first three episodes, but we’re not only seeing incredible retention but on some metrics we’re seeing incredible growth.

TVLINE | This is an offer I chose to renew we will before the first show. Was that decision based on something you were already seeing, in early snapshots or cuts, or was it simply the fact that with a project of this scale, if you’re going to get a penny, you’re off for a pound? Can additional seasons only eat up start-up costs?
We’re fans of the show, and as the episodes went in and we saw the level of craftsmanship, as we kept talking to [showrunner] Rav [Judkins] About the future seasons to go in, we felt really confident that we had something that could last a very long time for us. This is a giant investment, so we obviously spent a lot of time making sure we’re making the right choice here, but it still paid off for us. All credit to Rafe and his amazing team, and crew led by Rosamund [Pike as Moiraine].

TVLINE | We all know that in the “other” broadcast niche, it’s very much about the “28-day completion rate!” For the Prime Video series that is Not Rolling before the premiere, what kind of window do You are Looking at?
We are constantly checking, and it helps us to be able to rate this piece of content against another piece of content. But one of the interesting things about wheel of time is that we release it weekly, which means we have to look behind – on the other side 28-day window. And even if we look at this 28 days ago, the way he did the show was amazing – and we’ll keep watching, as we head to the end. I can’t wait for fans of the show to see how the season ends and where we’re headed.

TVLINE | How does this “three episodes at first then weekly” release model work for you?
We didn’t do much of it, you know. We started with boys [Season 2]Much of that is down to the content creators and the way they want to publish content to their fans. It’s early days so I can’t make any big statements, but it’s been great so far. We’re seeing signs that new people are coming on board to see the show week after week. There is intensity, and all the coverage and conversations just helped us.

TVLINE | From where I sit—and admittedly I’m “old school”—weekly releases keep the conversation going. The episode ends with a revelation or a twist, and people talk about it for six days while waiting for the next episode. With an investment like this, it would be a shame to have binge released as “everyone talks about it this weekend! Annnd… Now they are Not. “
North Star’s goal is usually to make sure that we present content in a way that customers want to see it. There are some people who prefer this model, and others who prefer bingeing, but a piece like this I feel calls for this kind of version. And for people who prefer binge eating, they will have this ability as of later this week.

TVLINE | some boysFans were grumbling last season, I’m sure you know.
indeed. I know it was frustrating for them, especially since the first season didn’t come out [weekly]. We certainly acknowledge that this has been a change, but we have seen tremendous growth in boys As it was, in this case [weekly releases] Proved to be useful. The impact of the show became even greater because of him.

TVLINE | Any sense at this early stage when season 2 of wheel of time may roll over?
We’re still talking about it. Raff and his team just sent us their first discounts on the first episodes of Season 2, and I can’t wait for audiences to see what we’ve got in store.

lord of the rings amazon series

Prime Video Intro to ‘Lord of the Rings’

TVLINE | I ask because you obviously have a chance to run this retreat next year with Lord of the rings Prequel series (premiere, September 2, 2022).
We’ll be really interested in how these shows come out. In our minds, they’re two completely different shows, but we’re aware of what kind of fans we have, and we’re excited about the range of content we have – these two elements, along with Extension And boysAnd carnival Will be back, we have a great show with [Westworld creators] Call Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy Peripheral…. We are very excited about the future.

TVLINE | You are can You have six consecutive months of weekly genre releases!
This is really true. But wheel of time It was really important to us, and to see it do well for us in 2021, I kept saying, “It’s a Christmas gift that keeps on giving.”

TVLINE | with wheel of timeWas there any window into the process, where you gained an idea of ​​how it was performing, and you were able to say, ‘You know what? Go so Larger With season 2″?
Yes. Raff has been a great leader – thoughtful, kind and really dedicated to trying to do it the right way – and so has Rosamund. So we went into season two with a real conversation about, ‘What can we do better now that we’ve introduced this gigantic world and created these characters? So I expect season two to be even bigger, bolder and expansive. wheel of time.

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