Who is going to win season 21 of ‘The Voice’?

“The Voice” just entered its final week of season 21 with a strong start. Three coaches – Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson and John Legend – are still in contention. Sorry, Ariana Grande.

Each artist performed two songs, a poem and an upbeat rhythm song, on Monday, the first day of the finale.

Blake’s team still has two horses in the race – Paris Winningham and Wendy Mutin. Team Kelly goes on to help Girl Named Tom and Hailey Mia. Team Legend left with one talented artist – Jershika Maple, at Entertainment Weekly.

Here is a summary of all offers:

Hailey Mia – Team Kelly

The 14-year-old opened the show with the song “deja vu” by Olivia Rodrigo. The judges were impressed by the control she had over her voice.

For her second performance, she sang “idn’twannabeyouanymore” by Billie Eilish. The song was an inspiration for her to conquer her fears. Clarkson said she was “dripping a tune” and Legend called the performance Mia’s best performance to date, at the Gold Derby.

Paris Cunningham – Blake’s Team

Cunningham sang “Me and Mrs. Jones” to Billy Ball, dedicating it to his father. Shelton said Cunningham garnered millions of votes and sold millions of tickets to yet-to-be-booked concerts, per Entertainment Weekly. The judges described the show as a sneak attack that starts slowly and turns into something exciting and unexpected.

Performing “Nobody” by Chaka Khan, the second single was an unconventional change of pace. Cunningham even threw his hat during his performance, which Grande picked up. Clarkson said he had a perfect balance of strength and power while performing the song.

A girl named Tom – Team Kelly

They are the only group left in the competition and that’s not the only reason they’re special – they’re a family singing group. They performed “The Chain” for Fleetwood Mac, energizing the audience with this classic rock song. Shelton said they trained well and Clarkson added that the song was “perfect for the finish” at the Gold Derby.

The group dedicated the next song, “Baby, Now That I Found You” by The Foundations, to each other. They sat on benches to create what Clarkson called a “flawless performance.”

Gershika Mabel – Team Legend

Her first song was dedicated to her church community. “They saw something in me that I couldn’t see in myself,” she said, dedicating Mary J. Blige’s “I’m Going Downstairs” to her community. Legend described her performance as a force. “I was a gift to work with,” he said.

She was bailed out by the judges twice and only starred to become a better performer during this competition, per TV Line. Singing “Rolling in the Deep” for her second single is a testament to her growth. “The combination of being very technically good, very emotional and very strong…there is no one like you,” Legend said.

Wendy Moten – Team Blake

Last but not least, Wendy Moten, a field vet, sang “How I’ll Know” to Whitney Houston, according to Entertainment Weekly. “Best vocal performance I’ve ever heard,” said Shelton, and Grande called her a “crazy singer.”

In her second performance, she chose Judy Garland’s “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” dedicating the show to her hometowns of Memphis and Nashville. The legend admitted that he had never seen anyone with such a gift as hers.

Tune in to “The Voice” tonight at 6PM MST on NBC to see who will win season 21.

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