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Jaden Smith appeared in red table discussion On Wednesdays to talk about an issue that isn’t always discussed when it comes to men’s health – eating issues. The topic came up during a conversation about gut health, but the 23-year-old actor has been open about what he thought his body looked like, which was much different than what his family had seen.

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“When I was at Coachella, where I was like a bone,” he explained as the video showed clips of him looking much thinner. “I thought I was too tight. I was like, ‘This. I’m dealing with this. Like, I need to take my shirt off now.'” He revealed that since his family, including his parents Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, stepped in, he has worked hard to gain a healthier weight through the help of his doctor.

“I was able to work with doctors and really get vitamins and get supplements and protein shakes,” Jaden said. “That’s half of my diet. It’s like the password I have to figure out for my body. I’m like, 10 pounds heavier now at this point.” Jada agreed that it took a while to “find it out” when it came to maintaining his strong body.

This is a notable departure from the concerns raised by his parents several years ago when Jada said her son was “going lost” on the 2019 episode of red table discussion. “Will and I got a little carried away with Jaden because he’s vegan now, but we realized he wasn’t getting enough protein,” she said. “So he was wasting away. He looked exhausted, he was just so exhausted, he wasn’t getting nutrients.” Dad was concerned because Jaden’s physical appearance had changed drastically with “dark circles under his eyes” and “a little bit of graying on his skin.” Weil added, “We got really nervous, but you definitely look better now.”

For Jaden, getting medical instructions to get to this place is important, but talking about his suffering is even more important as it will likely help another young man seek the help they need.

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